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FJ Law releases "friends" on the 14th of October

FJ Law is the solo project of songwriter and producer Danny Hall, who will release his brand new single ‘friends’ on the 14th October.

Merging his singer/songwriter roots with electronic bedroom beats, FJ Law has worked alongside the likes of Nina Nesbitt and Kwassa, and has already had support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart, who picked FJ Law’s unreleased track ‘State To State’ for his ‘Chillest Show,’ whilst another unreleased track – ‘Catching 22’ – found its way on the BBC Hotlist after FJ Law had uploaded it to BBC Introducing.

New single ‘friends’ is the perfect showcase for his innate talent as a songwriter and producer – with delicate electronic flourishes and an almost trip hop beat, the track unravels into a glorious, heart on sleeve chorus.

Speaking about the single, FJ Law says: “I was in the beginning of a pretty heavy break up. We knew it had finished but it was hard to sink in. The song is about anger, betrayal and the explosive emotional expression of ‘F*CK YOU’ to both your “friend” and your ex who you feel betrayed you. The release of the chorus in the song mirrors the release of emotion I was feeling after I saw my ex and a friend leave a bar together – “Are you going for afters? I know you’re going for afters.” I tried to mask my upset and dismiss my anger by putting on a brave, sarcastic face, and followed an adrenaline fuelled pursuit to get absolutely wasted alone. Hoping drink by drink it would soften the blow. It did…but the elephant never left the room.”

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