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Fit For Rivals - Wake The Dead

Lately I have been really enjoying being able to check out fresh and new music, and it is always more invigorating when it also happens to be from someone who I have discovered for the first time. The moment I heard Fit For Rivals and their brand new song Wake The Dead I knew I had stumbled onto something special.

Even as a first time listener I found Wake The Dead to be catchy in a matter of seconds, and was lovely the vibe, as Fit For Rivals did not just give me lyrics which you can really sink your teeth into, but they also provide their own unique kind of energy which just makes you want to get those rock fists up in the air and sing along at the top of your lungs like you are living your best life ever.

When a song is able to make me feel that, then it is like the band are right there in the room with me, which is the next best thing to being able see the song or Fit For Rivals for that matter performing live, so I can only imagine if I ever was blessed to have that luxury my love for Wake The Dead would be elevated to another level.

I am really excited to see what Fit For Rivals release next, because they have just gone and got themselves a loyal new fan. Let’s hope it’s not too long I get to experience even more of their music, but for now I shall don’t mind me as I crank up the volume and resume diving straight back into the fantastic new song. Wake The Dead - available to check out now!

Article By Thushara S.Chandrasiri

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