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Faron Sage - Head Or Tail

I am sure many of us who live here in the UK that sometimes it can quite baffling trying to understanding the state of affairs in the nation, especially right now. I wouldn’t say we are in absolute turmoil, but the way that those in power are behaving it won’t be too far till we get to that situation.

Trying to make sense of it all, UK Faron Sage, a socially-conscious animated musician has brought out his new track Head Or Tail, which is not only catchy but also gets to the heart of the matter. In terms of lyrics, although I tend to stay away from political matters, this is a song that even I find my attention being drawn too as not only is Faron Sage getting inside our minds in a good way, but is also asking those questions we are all thinking but are too nervous to speak out publicly about ourselves. Head or Tail helps us to navigate through all we see and feel, and while you could say it is relevant to the UK, I think it could equally resonate in any other situation further afield. For me Faron Sage through tracks such as Head or Tail is being a advocate for the people, using his voice to help us all to think.

I think by adding his own hip-hop element in a way where he is just speaking out loud, this I feel adds to Head or Tail’s charm. Where this song is elevated even more is with the official animated music video, because not only do we get to see Faron Sage’s creativity, Head or Tail provides a visual stimulus as well, where you visualise what those burning questions would look like when addressing an issue that is happening in the world right now.

Yes on its own, and as a song Head or Tail is a very good track, and if it was played on somewhere like the radio I would still listen, but I think with the song and the music pretty much going hand in hand, that is where you can truly appreciate its strength.

I have not been Faron Sage until I was introduced to Head or Tail, but after listening he is certainly one to watch. I look forward to finding out where his thoughts take us to next.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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