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Extra Terra x Castroe - Judgement Time

As a music fan, I think I would consider myself as being pretty open minded when it comes to exploring new territories with an open mind. I have always been curious about genres such as cyber punk, so when the opportunity arose to check out Judgement Time the latest collaboration between Extra Terra and Castroe I was only too happy to find out more.

Released on 17th March 2023, I would probably say that what drew me in was how the adrenaline hits you from the very moment you press that play button. Just under 5 minutes, usually i tend to shy away from music that is longer than 4 mins, but you know this track has me hooked throughout with my attention unshaken by the world around me.

Something I noticed as well is that there is a 90s feel to it, which is quite nostalgic especially for someone such as myself who was only in my early teens, but with the vibe being brought into 2023 with Extra Terra and Castroe’s special touch.

Other things about Judgement Time that really appeal to me are the fact that this unison between Extra Terra and Castroe has the makings of two revolutionary leaders in their own worlds, coming together to create something so powerful on an intergalactic level. Having listened to the song at different times of the day,

Judgment Time can be appreciated to the full regardless whether its mid morning, late afternoon or late at night - because dusk or dawn the sense of euphoria will grab you each and every time.

I could tell you even more about the song, but i think for you to really grasp what makes this such a special track to open your mind to, given that the song is only a couple days old, in order to gain a full appreciation the best advice I could offer is to go and listen to it right now while its still fresh!

As for Extra Terra X Castroe something insane has been unlocked here, and I for one hope to see many more partnerships from the pair to come in the weeks and months to follow.

Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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