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Evan Mix Releases ‘Glare Cursed’

Experimental artist Evan Mix from Indiana in the USA, takes us on a journey of creativity with his latest record Glare Cursed which was released on 5th April 2024. If you are not familar with his work, one of the many unique qualities of Evan is that he is not afraid to be bold when it comes to music, not following the typical norms and instead takes your senses on a journey. So Glare Cursed is the perfect opportunity for any music fan to grab hold of that and experience it for themselves. 

In order to give you a full picture of what this record entails, in true DARKUS fashion lets take a much more of a deeper look as we dip our toe into the world of Evan Mix and Glare Cursed. However in the interests of preserving that mystery and intrigue rather than giving the whole game away, I will point out just some of the stand out tracks from this album which really caught my attention. 

The album begins with opening track The Descending of Remains, and I love the way that the rhythm and gentle taps of an upright bass really lead you in, there is a mixture of simplicity meets intricacy which actually works really well. Factor in the almost spoken word’esque nature of the vocals you have something very intriguing. In terms of the lyrics, I really admire the depth because it feels like the flow of an internal monologue from a forever active mind, with words such as ‘I want to triple the head of my bride, down the aisle, the aisle of memories, that always give you a smile, always wanted to lean on the everlasting loyalty, and now that need has a name, now that need has a name, this ground hosts the descending of remains’.

There is a style to Evan Mix’s exploration within the lyrics which remind of a modern day haiku. It is different to anything else I have every heard before, which is all the more reason why I also find it so engaging to listen to. 

The next song I want to highlight is Where Should I Ask?, the second track of the album, and one which adds a different kind of energy to the opening track. While the first track is beautiful, this song on the other offers something different, and is written lyrically in a way where it is almost like you have a candid view of the conversation between two people who have warm feelings for each other, not overly romantic as such but poetically expressive. For instance ‘So, where should I ask, to take you? We have a similar temper, that keeps us close to our centre, and sometimes afraid to enter into greater possibilities of great splendour’. 

What makes these lyrics come alive even more is the strong dynamic between Evan Mix and the addition of the female vocals too which complement one another. Evan Mix has never publicly mentioned who his fellow  vocal collaborators are, keeping their identity anonymous, but I think that is part of the charm to his music, because its helps keeps us music fans on our toes and actively curious. 

I cannot take a look at this record without mentioning the title track Glare Cursed which appears as track 4. This is a bit of a wild card in my opinion but one which really sees Evan Mix tear up the parameters of creativity and take it to a different level, both sonically and lyrically. You have such an eclectic mixture of sounds and styles which just rise out of the song in such a vibrant and colourful way especially with the combination of synth, keys and bass guitar. Equally the lyrics are a thing of artist expressionism in their own right especially lines such as ‘Constant monologue, coz you can’t express these petty concerns, your cost no longer returned, feeling glare cursed’. Poetic and powerful at its very core. 

You can see traces of this style flowing through the rest of the album too, especially on tracks such as Daring Without Shame, whereby Evan Mix is speaking directly from the centre of the mind, unfiltered in such a natural way which just flows so meticulously.

There is so much detail within the songwriting, and this is what I like about Evan Mix in the sense that the deeper meaning is embedded within the song. Here is an  example, ‘what you are is someone who is truly daring without shame, heavily committed throughout, what you are is truly daring without shame, heavily committed throughout’.  A line like this can create a spark in the thoughts of the listener which opens up the possibility of your mind pondering along multiple avenues. 

One final song I want to highlight is the penultimate song on the album, Mooshee Ooshees, because again you are able almost sense that deep rooted creativity which lies at the heart of Evan Mix of what makes him stand out the most. This song is so fun, and also brings with it a slight touch of humour which helps to give the track something that little bit extra.

Sonically one of the constant instruments which has featured throughout the album is the bass guitar, but what I love about Mooshee Ooshees is how subconsciously Evan is showing us the magic which can be created when fused together with different sounds, which in the case of this this song include the likes of the 80s style synth , electropop rhythm and overall upbeat tempo. Lyrically and vocally every single part from the verses to the chorus add to the energy of the song.

Having given this album a listen, I feel that it is certainly one which serious music listeners would really appreciate. The creativity within Glare Caused speaks volumes, and helps you to see that when approached with boldness, confidence and precision combined, the merits and inspiration which comes from thinking outside of the box. There is so many great names out their in music at the moment, but there will only ever be one be one Evan Mix, with this album being just another fruitful example of his astounding talent. 

Available on all major platforms, Glare Claused is available to listen to today!


Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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