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Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Grand final - United By Music

Chloe Cummings - EBU

After an exceptional week of shared cultures, great music, and of course the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Liverpool and its many sites and wonders, it is the moment we have all been waiting for - the Grand Final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

26 nations, with countless music fans gathering from far and wide -destined for a night to remember.

Join us as we keep you up dated on this year's celebrations! So make yourselves comfortable and get those dancing shoes on as we bring on the music!

And so it begins, with the crowds full of excitement as one by one each act takes to the stage

The first to start the night is 'Austria', with 'Who The Hell Is Edgar?' performed by a female duo, Teya & Salena. A very catchy song I must say and I'm loving the theme of red, white and black. What a start to the night!!

Next is 'Portugal' with 'Ai Coração' from Mimi Cat. I may have to use subtitles for this one as I am definitely not fluent in Portuguese but a very beautiful performance and she managed to connect to the whole arena.

Third is 'Switzerland' with 'Water Gun' from 21-year-old Remo Forrer. A slow but touching performance, with an incredible voice for such a young act. For me, the meaning behind the lyrics make them more touching and showcase his talent.

'Poland' is next with 'Solo' from artist, Blanka. It has a very summery feel to it, I can imagine people listening to this on the beach or at a barbecue. One thing Im loving is her orange outfit

'Serbia' is fifth with 'Amo Mi Se Spava' from young artist Luke Black. This performance has a futuristic feel to it, which is intriguing to me. I feel like I'm watching a Marvel movie or playing a video game.

The outfit he is wearing during his performance has been made by emerging fashion brand 'Underground'

'France' is next with 'Évidemment' from La Zarra. Straight away I can say WOW, the outfit and stage set up is something else. There's something about French accents isn't there? so even though I've had to use subtitles again, I'm fascinated and obsessed. The crowd seemed to love it as well.

'Cyprus' performing with 'Break A Broken Heart' from Andrew Lambrou. He can hit high notes without a doubt. Everyone could say it was a 'fiery' performance.

'Spain' is eighth with 'EaEa' from Blanca Paloma.

'Sweden' is next with 'Tattoo' from Loren. A song I can imagine will make the charts very soon. Another talented artist with hitting high notes, I think in my head I can get that high when in reality I sound in distress. Not just her voice but the performance was a masterpiece.

Up-tenth is 'Albania' with 'Duje' from a family group Albina & Familja Kelmendi. A very skilful performance I must say and a

Next is 'Italy' with 'Due Vote' from Marco Mengoni. I already love this song and it's only seconds in. Even though it's in Italian, I can already tell the tune of the song will be stuck in my head. A very heartfelt song in fact.

'Estonia' with 'Bridges' from 20-year-old 'Alika'. What a beautiful voice and sensational talent from such a young artist.

Twelfth is 'Finland' with 'Cha Cha Cha' from Käärijä. Woah, certainly not my kind of music, I feel like I'm being shouted at and it's a song that I know will cause mosh pits. One thing I am loving is the bright-coloured outfits, that's something I could get involved with. As the song goes on the cha cha cha bit does get stuck in your head.

'Czechia' with 'My Sister's Crown' from Vesna. Im loving the performance and choreography of it all, especially the pink jumpsuits.

We are going down under next to 'Australia' with 'Promise' from Voyager. Now this is something I could maybe get onto listening to. It has a feel-good vibe and a catchy chorus with the Oh oh oh oh but then halfway through we get a little heavier. The crowd certainly loved it.

'Belgium' is up next with 'Because Of You' from Gustaph. This is a song that I have had stuck in my head since the semi-finals. It's a cheery and upbeat song which I can already see being played on a Friday night in the clubs.

I am particularly loving his Pharell-style hat.

'Armenia' next with 'Future Lover' from 21-year-old Brunette. At the start, i feel like I'm in a fairytale with the piano and her angelic voice then halfway she changes to a more fast pace rhythm.

Next up is 'Moldova' with 'Soarele si Luna' from Pasha Parfeni. A powerful, energetic performance and song, I especially love the flute solo.

Last year's winner 'Ukraine' with 'Heart Of Steel' from Tvorchi. Another futuristic feel performance.

A big fan favourite next, 'Norway' with 'Queen Of Kings' from Alessandra.

This is another song that will be forever engraved in your brain, in a good way though. It starts off with a very Harry Potter feel and then turns all harsh and powerful. An altogether outstanding performance from Norway.

'Germany' next with 'Blood And Glitter' from 'Lord Of Lost'. Well, one thing I can say is that these are a noisy and heavy band and a performance full of fire and brimstone.

'Lithuania' is next with 'Stay' from Monika Linkyté'. A passionate and wholehearted song and performance. The crowd already seem to be singing all the lyrics back which is a good sign.

Next up is 'Israel' with 'Unicorn' from Noa Kirel. Another song that has been stuck in my head since the start of the week, as well as the little unicorn dance move. What an incredible performance and song, Certainly up there with being one of my favourites.

'Slovenia' with 'Carpe Diem' from Joker Out. Wow wow wow, what an incredible song. Even though I am not fluent in this language, this will be getting added to my playlist. It's a very cheery and bouncy song which is something that always puts everyone in a good mood.

'Croatia' is next with 'Mama ŠČ!' from Let 3. Well, this song and performance are questionable. I kinda love it but weirded out by it at the same time.

Finally is 'The United Kingdom' with 'I Wrote A Song' from 'Mae Muller'. This is one of my favourites too and one I have been dancing to since she first released it. It's a song that will certainly cheer you up quickly, it gives off girl-boss vibes.

All 26 incredible performances have finished and now we wait to see who will be the winner of the 2023 Eurovision.

But first, we have an incredible performance from previous finalist, Sam Ryder. Performing his latest single 'Mountains'. He is joined by drummer Roger Taylor from Queen as well. Since seeing him perform this song the other day at the Cavern Club, I have been nonstop singing this and annoying people so I am happy now that it is released. His vocals are out of this world and so was that performance.

Now the voting has closed, we await the grand winner announcement

The winner of the 2023 Eurovision is.....


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