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Eurovision 2023 - Lord Of The Lost Play Intimate Show At The Cavern Club In Liverpool.

Review by Steve Harrison

Photo - Corinne Cumming

Lord Of The Lost - Acoustic Show - The Cavern Club May 9th 2023

It’s an early start for a 10:00am gig on this official Eurovision Song Contest 1st Semi-Final day and a short walk to the famous Cavern Club, the very same space where the Beatles started on their journey to becoming superstars.

This morning provided us with an opportunity to witness an intimate acoustic set from Germanys representatives into the Eurovision song contest, Lord of the Lost, with avid Eurovision fans queuing from 06:24am precisely to guarantee them getting in to this special limited capacity free gig!

And as Chris Harms, lead singer with Lord Of The Lost said himself, ‘the snake’ went all the way down this most famous street in Liverpool just to see them.

This world famous tiny venue provided a cozy atmosphere, allowing the audience to feel like they were a part of the performance. The minimalist stage, the lights dimmed, and the air filled with rapturous cheers and applause as Lord of The Lost stepped onto the stage. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a late night gig and not an early morning call with the energy filling the room, and Chris telling us this is the earliest show they’ve ever played unless you count 2 am in the morning in Brazil!!

The first song began with a gentle piano melody, accompanied by the smooth vocals of Chris Harms and what a fabulous rendition of ‘One Last Song’ to start this very special show . The sound was raw and organic, highlighting the true talents of Lord Of The Lost, and the stripped-back nature of the performance allowed for the emotion and meaning of each song to shine through. The lyrics were raw and heartfelt, providing a sense of intimacy that could not have been achieved in a larger concert setting.

Sharing stories about the inspiration behind the songs and the journey that the band has been on over the years leading to Eurovision added a very sincere and personal touch to the performance, making it feel like we were a part of something special. The audience was captivated, hanging on every word and note that was played. A set laden with fantastic stripped-back versions of ‘Lorely’, ‘Morgana’ and the haunting ‘Six Feet Underground’ brought us to their Eurovision entry ‘Blood & Glitter’ with the whole cavern joining in singing the chorus.

This intimate show was an amazing experience with Lord Of The Lost talent on full display, and the intimate setting allowed for a sense of connection and intimacy that cannot be achieved in larger concert venues.

A short Q&A took place after the set with the whole band giving us personal insights into what being part of Lord Of The Lost means to them, whether it be Chris’s family connections to the Beatles playing in St Pauli in Hamburg and the fact that the band has a true friendship together or Class talking about their opportunity to positively influence through music.

Finally joined after the set on stage buy Eurovision rock contenders Voyager from Australia, much to the delight of the crowd, with Danny Estrin, Voyager's lead singer exclaiming that ‘metal was well represented this year’ and to that the whole cavern roared in agreement!

Rock on Eurovision 2023, douze points all round!!

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