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Escape to Exotic Shores with the new Last Paradise collection from Yankee Candle

At the flick of a match, explore the world of sheer natural beauty with the new summer fragrances from Yankee Candle®. From a walk along unspoiled shores to light reflections in a moonlit cove, The Last Paradise Collection is inspired by sensorial experiences that offer a momentary escape from daily life. Perfect to enjoy on a long balmy evening or a sun-drenched day, The Last Paradise collection provides the ultimate summertime aromas. Available in the Yankee Candle® Original Large, Medium and Small jars, as well as votive candles, tea lights and wax melts, the new collection brings the scents of rare and exotic fruits and flowers into the home.

Tropical Starfruit Kissed by the sun: sweet notes of juicy starfruit, pineapple and citrus blend together as if they have just been picked and offered at the local market. Fresh and fruity, Tropical Starfruit perfectly captures the luscious flavours of island life. Exotic Acai Bowl Exotic fruit scents gathered from around the island, perfectly sweet and blended with notes of creamy coconut with a hint of rose and jasmine fragrance. With a base of musk and vanilla adding a delicious overtone to the intricate fragrance, Exotic Acai Bowl will uplift the senses and fill the home with wonderful fruity scents. Moonlit Cove Slip away to a hidden cove where the moonlight sparkles on the water, while notes of lemongrass, ginger and woodsy botanicals enchant the scene. Beautifully picturesque, Moonlit Cove is a refreshing fragrance that offers the tempting promise of an adventurous escape. Cliffside Sunrise The reward of your early rising: a warm breeze carries notes of exotic fruits and flowers as the first morning light reflects off the water. With top notes of hibiscus, strawberry and dwarf citrus, mid notes of nectarine, red fruit and geranium, and base notes of champagne nectar and praline, Cliffside Sunrise encapsulates the sublime smell of a breezy morning by the ocean. Gift Sets for any occasion Let The Last Paradise Collection lure you into an experience inspired by lush jungles, hidden beaches and rainforest fruits and flowers with its 10 new unique gift sets. Elegantly gift boxed, the sun kissed fragrances are a wonder to give and receive.

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