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Eden Rain ‘Sugar Baby’

The Leeds born, London Based Newcomer ‘Eden Rain’ has just released her razor sharp new single ‘Sugar Baby’. Produced by Benji Gibson, Eden sings about the sugar baby dating dynamic in a unique way. Eden states “ Sugar Baby was written after listening to a friends experience of being a sugar baby and dating for money, It’s an eye opening world that I observed for a while”. If you’re a fan of Girl In Red, Billie Eilish or Beabadoobee, then 21 year old, Eden, will be your next obsession. She produces what she calls ‘sad bitch songs’.

Eden has an undoubtedly distinctive voice which makes her music very unique, also her song being about the sugar baby dating dynamic makes her unique as well because many artists these days only sing about relatable situations such as heartbreaks and relationships. Although it may not be a relatable song for many, I know for sure that many people will still listen and sing along as if they’re in that situation too.

Eden played with the phrase ‘f**k bitches get money’ and turned it into something where the women are in control especially in the sugar baby situation, the women are perceived as being ‘fu**ed up’ but her friend saw herself as taking control of her own life and the situation she was in. Eden wanted that to come across in the verses, where as the chorus is her saying “yes girl! Get that money! F**k the patriarchy!”.

This single is different to her previous ones. ‘Sugar Baby’ has more of an upbeat, confident rhythm whereas her previous ones are more heartfelt and have a slower rhythm.

I hope this single gets the recognition it deserves and everyone can see how much talent Eden really has.

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Article By Tiarna Iddon

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