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Eden Cami - Breathe

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Ever listen to a piece of music which has just taken your breath away due to how stunning it is to listen to? Well that is exactly how I felt when I heard Breathe, the latest single by Berlin based singer-songwriter Eden Cami.

There are so many beautiful elements to this song, which for a start include Eden Cami’s beautiful vocals which are just so captivating. It is the type of voice and the type of song that you can proudly give your full undivided attention to, because every single part is so delicate and pure.

Lyrically there is a lot of depth combined with an element of poetic bliss, which allows you to really connect and feel the music. Watching the music video to Breathe also I feel helps to give you a visual representation as you try and articulate the narrative behind the song itself, and in doing so opens up a new dimension which only intrigues you about Eden Cami even more.

As I continue listening to Breathe, I cannot help but feel emotional, but not in a sad way and instead due to the overwhelming levels of bliss and joy I am experiencing as I take in every single drop of this sensational track. I can really see this becoming one of the most iconic indie-pop songs around and will see Eden Cami follow in the footsteps of other exceptional artists such as London Grammar, Florence & The Machine and Daughter. I hope its not too long till we see Eden Cami here in the UK because I will be the first in line waiting in excitement to see her perform live.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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