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Dolly V Eve - Game Changer

For the fans of the Dolly V Eve franchise, you would have remembered that back in April 2021, we wrote a special feature ranking the films in order of which had the most screams, twist and turn based on the five films that film maker Dean Midas Maynard had created up to that point. With Dean having released the 6th and final film in the franchise back in October, here at DARKUS we thought it was only right that we take another look at our previous rankings and consider if our choices still remained the same.

To give you a bit of a recap, this is what we decided last time:

5th Place: The Rag Dolly

4th Place: Valentines Eve

3rd Place: Valentine’s Eve 2

2nd Place: The Rag Dolly Returns

1st Place: Dolly Vs Eve

Now as hard as it was to decide those choices the last time, the latest film Dolly V Eve: Homecoming was certainly the cat amongst the pigeons that created a total game changer. Those who have followed the films will no doubt agree that we have seen a real growth in our beloved characters as each film in the franchise has had us all on the edge of our seats, as we (me especially) have screamed at the screen saying “SHE’S BEHIND YOU!, RUN FOOL, RUN!’”. Just when we thought our hearts couldn’t cope with any more suspense, Dolly V Eve: Homecoming gave us even more of a reason to become gripped.

Everything about this latest film is on a higher level, the narrative is just brilliant, especially as for the first time we are given a glimpse at Rag Dolly’s own journey, plus there are some unexpected ‘OMG Did That Just Happen’ moments that you did not expect. As a filmmaker, Dean and his cast have really pushed themselves and created a film which sees the Dolly V Eve franchise concluding in style.

With that in mind then, how do our new rankings look I hear you scream? (pardon the pun)

6th Place: Valentine’s Eve 2

5th Place: The Rag Dolly

4th Place: Valentines Eve

3rd Place: The Rag Dolly Returns

2nd Place: Dolly Vs Eve (the scene where Eve thinking she has killed Dolly and sees her get up followed by the line ‘What the fuck’ will always crack me up)

Which means in 1st Place we have - Dolly V Eve: Homecoming.

To avoid giving away too much about the latest film as after all do not want the Queen of Spades and the Maestro of the Blade chasing after me, I will spare you any spoilers so you can go and discover it for yourself.

What I will say though is that the reason that my rankings have changed ever so slightly is that, this film has made me see both of the masked killers in a different light. While I may love both characters, it has made me sure that if I choose between supporting one or the other, I am very much team Dolly.

So there we have it! If you have not watched the films yet then make sure to watch them now by clicking here.

Which will be your favourite? Choose wisely for the blade and the spade are only footsteps away! Mwahahaha!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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