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Destruction Turnaround: A Listen to Mess By The Super Late Night

For the night owls among us, there’s nothing better than the navy blue moments of mystery, stillness and things we can’t repeat in the harsh light of day. Bottling the creativity caught in those hours is Manchester’s The Super Late Night: songwriting and producing solo act.

He composes pop, for a fact, and agreeable at that, but encapsulates just the right amount of EMO and rock tones to give it a retro, yet up-to-date attitude. With his first three singles, Honey, If Not Now, Then When?, and Falling Asleep, refusing politely to fit into any categories, fourth release Mess joins them on October 23rd.

TSLN wanted to write down his feelings about the end of a complex relationship which developed into an unexpected place of positivity and confidence:

"I tried to be careful not to come across like too much of a victim when I was writing this. The song is clearly about the aftermath of a messy relationship, and though at the time I was frustrated, as the song developed it felt more like an anthem of empowerment than a 'woe, is me' tune. It's more about addressing the situation and moving on, but I still wanted the arrangement to feel somewhat messy, hence the feel changes and dirty guitars,” He remembers.

As the modern devisor has highlighted, the song is incredibly upbeat and danceable, maybe a tad slower than a Pop Punk anthem, ensuing a tip-top pace for a floor-filler. Under the gaze of neon lights and smokey dry ice, the chorus encourages you to pour your heart out with the gang late into the evening: “Take a look at this mess you made, well there’s no debate that the truth was written all over your face.” 

There are plenty of sounds and synth effects to unpick and a whole lot going on, with classic rock guitar guiding the encouraging atmosphere, especially in the 80s inspired power instrumental. Also satisfying to hear a slight accent of TSLN throughout. One should sing this with the pack or when when feeling a tad feisty.  

Article by Beverley Knight

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