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Deaf Havana are back with "The Present Is A Foreign Land"

Deaf Havana are back with a new album, new headline tour and new in-store promo shows.

After a strange but defining moment in 2020 where the band almost quit the music scene, brothers Matthew and James Veck-Gilodi decided to keep writing and releasing music under the band’s name as a two-piece. They used the pandemic to write and record new material and a new masterpiece has born: The Present Is A Foreign Land. From alt-rock to pop to the heavier Help, the band are confirming their position as one of the greatest bands in the UK.

Throughout the fantastic blend of acoustic guitar and orchestral breaks and the great vocals, Deaf Havana are definitely back and don’t intend to leave ever again. The album is their rebirth. You can tell it’s the most heartfelt and honest album the duo has written.

If it wasn’t for the band being on the edge of splitting out, we wouldn’t have this album and I’m glad we can listen to it now and I’m so happy the band gave themselves a second chance, it’s a memoir, a documentary of the journey they’ve been on.

One of the most pleasing features of The Present Is A Foreign Land is that the brothers Veck-Gilodi have recovered their distinctness and they’ve continued to push themselves forwards.

The lyrics are deep and you can tell by the expression and the emotions on stage they put you through.

We see the guys presenting “The Present Is A Foreign Land” on release day at Kingston’s Prymz for Banquet Records, they entertain the packed venue with their newest singles “Going Clear” and the sing-along “Never Mind” but also their old classics like “Happiness” and “Trigger” to end the set with Old Soul’s hit single “Old Souls”.

Deaf Havana are back and we are here to follow their journey, and you can follow theirs here.

The band are on tour in the UK this fall, see dates below:

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