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David Dino White - Only Human

There is a new name in the genre of ska and pop-punk and he goes by the name of David Dino White. Hailing from North Bay in Ontario Canada, only a few days ago, he released his latest single Human, taken from his brand new album Staycation which comes out soon.

This was the first time that I had the fortune of being introduced to his music, but having listened to Human and watched the music video what I like about David Dino White is that we have all the fun, light heartedness and upbeat energy that you usually associate with ska music, yet still able to create that depth within the lyrics which are not overbearing. The music video itself I think helps to bring everything together, because while it is fun it also allows you to piece all the brilliant elements together which make Only Human such a unique and special track.

I had to do a bit of digging around trying to find out as much as I could find out anymore information on David Dino White and where I would usually feel a tad on the frustrated side if I could find much on someone who is brand new to me, on this occasion I did not mind having limited information at my disposal, because in truth Only Human speaks for itself. Yea sure I will hold my hands up and admit I saw this track as the type that grows on you, but that does not make it any less appealing as a song, because I found the more I invested my attention in Only Human the more and more I found myself warming to the track.

As a result I find myself in a position where I have that curiosity and hunger to explore more of David Dino White’s music, with Only Human being that perfect introduction to give me a feel and insight about the Canadian artists potential. Let’s hope it is not too long till we have to wait to the new album, but if you like me are getting a little inpatient and need that special something something to help you cope, then I can guarantee you, the brand new single Only Human won’t let you down.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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