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DARKUS Best of June 2023 Playlist

Updated: Jun 17

With the Summer months on the horizon, here is our official Best of June 2023 playlist, filled with a selection of the most diverse and exceptional emerging artists. So sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy to the max.

Head to the Official Darkus Deezer to hear the full playlist. Click here


The Kills Romeos X Worlds Aparts - Remedy

Bloodsmoke - Can't Get It Right

Sevendust - Everything

Emily Monsen - it was you

Ryan Ritual - Where Did Love Go

Szymon Justyński - Mekambe

Electric High - Flicking The Bees

FNTN - Something In My Head

Dark Patterns - The Screws

Violet Greens - Fallin'

Heff Vansaint - City Wolf

Todd Hearson - El Dorado

Atla Falls X Michael Mayo - I Can See Your Face Through The Rain

Higher Education - Am I Going Mad?

Berkan Cesur - Albrecht's Fusion

Jet Vesper - Ms. Blue

WeAreJackStrong - (It's A) Natural Thing

Preston Pierce - Into The Sun

Dean The Dream - Heartbeat

Louderman - I'm Living On

voxmute - In To Your Arms

Usagi Is Dead - Addicted

Benjamin Marshall - Label Me

Decrepit Youths - Loose Ends

David Green - Something

A Days Wait - Inedible

The Independent Sound X Le Jank - Forgive & Remember

Ducks! X Christa Belle - Blame

Rachel Newnham - Nobody Loves You Like I Do

Vinyl Williams - Love Is A Sound

Wandering Arrows - Life Keeps On Calling

RAHWAY - Rocketship

Samantha LaPorta - Lies Are Your Truth

Love And Loud - Love And Loud

Harehound - Devil May Care

Branjae - Too Much

Two Truths - Holding It Down

Replica - Devil's Dance Floor

Sargeant X Comrade - Love Someone (Mo Gravy Remix)

R I V E R S - Falling Down

The American Hotel System - Seattle

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