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With the Summer in full swing, here is our official Best of August 2023 playlist, filled with a selection of the most diverse and exceptional emerging artists. So sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy to the max.

Head to the Official Darkus Deezer to hear the full playlist.

Crowes Pasture - Don't Blink

Chasing Airplanes - Pink Trans Am

Tired All The Time - Formulae

Karim Panzetta - Breakup

K.O.B - Vibe With Me

James Gatzby - Rooftop

Hawker - Your God

Glou-Glou - Let That Go

Ghost Hounds - Last Train To Nowhere

Ayna Errboe - Just A Woman

Breathe Out - Midnight Moon

Social Hazard - Escalator To Eternity

A-Zal - Movie Script

RAHWAY - Drowning

Brook Dixon - Needles

Brook Dixon - Rolling Stone

Hanegi Koen - Mikan

Off Grid - Open Wide

Loser Company - Vivarium

Luke Beling, Last Year's Man - A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean (feat. Last Year's Man)

A Days Wait, Vic Malang - Eyes on the Road

High Libido - Mother

Mikey Demilio - Lukewarm Lover

Rusty Reid - Oh Well

Linden - The Man In The Garden

Dennis Lowery - Then It Turns

Gofi - Jajane Jane

Gregory Hutchinson - New Dawn (feat. Liselotte Östblom)

Vinyl Williams - Electric Electric

Fairhazel - It Takes Time

Toni Sundén - Nevermore

The Wanton Bishops - Do What Your Told

Echo Thrills - Birds

Worriers - Top 5

Wayford West - Dunkirk

Ryan Ritual, Mating Ritual - Summer Nights (Guess Who It Is)

Jax Jones, Fireboy DML - Me and My Guitar

THE DRIVER ERA X Dera Meelan - Fantasy (Dera Meelan Remix)

ENiGMA X Dubz X Shyam P - Only You

Pieternel - Underneath This Skin (Acoustic)

Stayhomie - Mama, We’ll Be Soon

Celine Love - Candy Eyes (Orange Lemonade)

Metro Riders - Spasm

Project EarthBridge - Unsung Heroes

Zefanio, L.A.X - Rowanda

Halos on Hooligans - SCREAM & SHOUT

Jonathan Young - Fight The Tide

Diane & The Gentle Men - Walk With Me

Scribbles Who - Waiting

Audio Drones - Nothing In The World Like You

FELIM - Foolish Things

Eiza Murphy - This Is Goodbye

Violet Greens - F_ in the Rain

Smug Brothers - Let Me Know When It's Yes

Simon Evans - All I Had To Do

Landless - Wild Hearts

Rocker C - Time

Beautiful Things -Bowing Down

Laura Zarougian - Cairo

Corcega - Howls

True Vacation - Everything Is Fine

Saint Mars - I Am The Sea (feat. Tryzdin)

Benjamin James Howard - Locked

Beverlee - Balance

Vinny Peculiar - Peace and Love

Leo Duke - Lifeboat (feat. Mark Tully)

Leo Duke - Coming Duke

Durry - I'm Fine (No Really)

Alcoves - Raining In July

Myles O'Neal - Naked

Mark Velvet - Redline

Lizea Harper - Gullible

Two Times Shy - Gone

Eli-Mac X Collie Buddz - Resume

The Shameless Band - Monkey

Akon X Mr Brown - Enjoy That

Gogh Gogh - Blame

RonyKii - Gimmie Some Time

The American Hotel System - Tripping

apocalypseboyo - Halve Yourself

James Blake - Loading

Knights of Caesar - Pancakes

January Sixteen - End of the line

Lennox - Shut Up and Kiss Me

Free Under Fire - Airplane Over Texas

Natalie Clark - Late Train

Elle Gee - Strangers

Heirloom X Judge & Jury - (HYPER)VIGILANT

The World At A Glance - Moth

Professor Green - Nothing Before It's Time (feat. Fifth)

Dax - The Abyss

Firerose X Billy Ray Cyrus - Plans

GR/EF - Stung Out

Austin Martin - Country Drunk

Forever May Fail - Who You Are

Luminatrix - Among Us

Angel of Discord - LIE 4 U

PAWWS - Hear You Calling

Minimalist X Fantastic Mr Marcel - Fight Another Day

Mathilde Widding - Tangled Up in Blue

Bizness Suit - Man Like Me

Foreign Voices - Empiric

Maya Blue - Hey

Jason Patel - Choclafied

Lenka - Silhouette

Soft Lad - The Human Condition

Mark Velvet - Together/Tonight

Sonny & The Sunsets - Shadow

Hot Foxes - Secret Handshake

NMTL X Mr Maph - Save Us

Emilio Lanza - Rearview Mirror

Lily Brooks O'Briant - Crash

Heirloom X Judge & Jury - BROADER SCOPE

Dance Yourself Clean - 2 Late

Slayk - R.I.P (Wasted)

Frankie Bird - Background

Orions Belte - When Your Gone I'll Be Gone

Rangleklods - Your House

Sarpa Salpa - Simple Pleasures

Hound - Ghost In The Grey

B. Miles - Seperate Rooms

Settle for Sleep - Even Here

Andrew Ingermann - Flying

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