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DARKUS Best of April Playlist 2023

Looking for some fresh new music? Here are just some of our favourite and newly discovered releases - an diverse and exciting mix of songs from a range of exceptional emerging artists.

So sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy!

Mike Viola - I Think Forever Proof

Canadian artist Mike Viola is back with his brand new single I Think Forever Proof which was released 15th March 2023.

Redondo Red - Look Up At The Sky

Having put time and passion into crafting his art, artist Redondo Red releases his latest song, Look Up At The Sky which is incredibly catchy lines such as “look up to the sky and say thank you. Certainly a song to raise your spirits and add a little bit of sunshine to your day.

Transmission Lost - SOS

Transmission Lost is the pseudonym of American alternative artist Garret Ashton, a prolific singer-songwriter/guitarist based in Houston, Texas. He takes elements of his rock, punk, grunge, blues, hip-hop, and electronic music roots and combines them to tell the stories about hope, fate, love, death, search for meaning, and the spaces in between.

The latest song SOS is a great introduction for anyone looking to discover more.

Late Check Out - Let Me Through

Three piece Late Check Out composes music from what they know and love. Part blues, punk, garage, and stoner - all shaken up to reflect the energy of the city, courtesy of NYC’s Late Check Out.

The Silver Bars - Lipstick Colour

Cumbria-based Indie-Rock band The Silver Bars are back with their latest single 'Lipstick Colour'. Produced by Anthony Chapman (Squid, Franz Ferdinand, Klaxons) at Otterhead Studios, this in your face track blends genres to create a sound unique to ‘The Silver Bars’.

Mantraband - No Need To Hide

You are invited to put on some clothes in a weird shade of baby blue, set aside your responsibilities for a minute, and join up singing and dancing your way free with the Mantraband Friends Fellowship Society. Welcome.

The Future According To Eve - Patterns (featuring presh)

“Patterns,” showcases The Future According to Eve’s evolution and growth as a musical entity while maintaining its distinctive sound. The title track from the brand new album, with the violin being replaced by an abundance of synth, this album takes fans back to the 80’s musically and on a powerful emotional journey lyrically.

Defunk & Taylr Renee - Waves

Defunk has made a distinct name for himself in the electronic music scene with his unique brew of funk, groove, soul and bass music. A true connoisseur of genre blending, his innovative style has created a path that has left him virtually untouched. Melting the experimental with the familiar, the beloved producer consistently pushes the envelope with each new release.

Black Hat - Favourite Place

This is a super moody B-side to their first single. Favourite Place is one of Black Hat's more medium tempo'd chill mood tunes.

New Wales - Not Reading Minds

Led by the Winnipeg based tandem of Sandy Taronno and David Pankratz, the band has established itself as a formidable force in the Canadian music scene, recently receiving a nomination for Rock Artist of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards. This accolade follows the band's successful release of 8 singles and videos during the pandemic, which helped to cultivate a dedicated and growing fanbase.

Kid Travis - Hello Mama

With solid melodic indie punk/trap undertones, Kid Travis sings a wide variety of styles of music with over 150 million streams on Spotify. Kid Travis has an active YouTube Channel with over 480k Subscribers & 60k on instagram where he posts both original music/ visuals as well as covers which have been recognized by artists such as Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Rich Brian, and Dominic Fike. Kid Travis is not subject to one genre. Music is his passion.This singer-songwriter-producer has gifts to share with the world.

Keatsu - Let's Play

The first single from his latest album "Struggles", Let's Play sees us step into the world of emerging artist Keatsu.

The Bobo - Wish I Knew

The Bobo is a little Oxford-based music project that is trying to experiment with electronic music (or music in general). With multiple radio plays and one of the singles featured on BBC Music Introducing's Hot List, The Bobo is slowly making her way into the music industry.

Great Park Avenue - Every Other Day

Their melodic and well crafted songs and tight band sound has been buzzed about after a handful of great singles and an EP along with some smashing live shows.

An Overnight Low - Chemistry

The music of An Overnight Low is based on a journey that inspired a trilogy of travel albums.

DAX - What It's Like To Be A Man

Canadian artist DAX releases his powerful new single, What It's Like To Be A Man.

Project EarthBridge - Made of Stars

Already Swedish duo Project EarthBridge are creating waves with their fresh and exciting music, which is guaranteed to have music fans hungry for more. Made of Stars will have you singing to your hearts content with catchy lyrics and a energy to put the spark in your day!

Futureheaven - coldgaze

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Futureheaven introduce us to their latest single coldgaze. What you will notice from the start and throughout is that this is a song that will grip you and pull you in thanks to the deep and powerful lyricism. If you want to feel, connect and resonate - coldgaze is certainly worth the listen.

Varas - Careful What You Wish For

The very first moment we heard Careful What You Wish For, we knew in a heart beat that there was something special about the music of Varas. This track has so much on offer from the top of the range song writing and has a certain flair and charm to it which makes you realise you are not just listening to anyone, but very much your new favourite artist of 2023.

Alex Hopkins - Canada Docks

Make his own impact within the UK music scene, Alex Hopkins who is influenced by the likes of Coldplay and Sam Fender, brings his own A Game with his brand new single Canada Docks. Just a tip of the iceberg of Alex's great talent and potential, already we can tell that 2023 is already going to be a very successful year for Alex as he continues to on his evolution.

Emily James - Lovely Enough

Over to America we go for this next recommendation as we introduce you to the powerful and wholesome music of singer-song writer Emily James who released her latest single Lovely Enough. The US has seen many great names, especially over the recent years, and this new release by Emily is the perfect example of how their is no limits to her talents as a artist.

Nethermead - Bodysnatcher

Bodysnatcher by Nethermead is one of those choices on this month's playlist that we would class as one of our wildcard options. If you give the song at least a couple of listens not only will it grow on you but you might find yourself humming away to it without even realising. This is the type of song which will stick in your head for all the right reasons, and if anything infusing a bit of Nethermead in your daily mix won't be such as bad thing after all eh? ;)

Rum Buffalo - Bloodmoon

The title track from their forthcoming album, 8 piece band Rum Buffalo give us little taster of what's to come with their latest single Bloodmoon. Energy, catchy lyrics and an abundance of creativity and talent rolled into one, Bloodmoon just makes us all the more excited to find out more about what else 2023 has in store for this British band.

Social Drag - Remind Me

What we love about the latest helping my Social Drag is not only how super incredible and catchy Remind Me is, but also as a song how relatable and real it is. We cannot help but wonder why we didn't learn about Social Drag sooner, because this song especially is one of those which can imagine going down a treat not just across the airwaves of radio and TV but even more epic when performed live.

A Crystal Clear Moment - We Come Around (Pray for Serenity)

This track sees A Crystal Clear Moment join forces with fellow Swedish artist Emmy Aptrea to create something quite beautiful. While it does have some what of a 80s disco feel to it, trust us when we say this but its the type of bad ass song which will have you wanting to get up dancing in an instant. It is hard to listen to this song and not smile, because for me this is the prime example of ray of sunshine express through music.

Lucy Dreams - Emotional

When we heard Lucy Dreams and the brand new song Emotional this song felt so infectious and dreamy as we felt a deep sense of euphoria take over us. If your in to artist such as Tame Impala or even Blossoms, then Lucy Dream will find the perfect home in your list of music choices. Listening to Emotional we could not get enough of it, and can really imagine already just how as a song it will really be one of those special moments where the music of this talented band really flourishes the more than it gets shared there in the world.

Joe May - The Bull Goose Loony

Another of our wild cards, what caught our attention about the latest track by Joe May was actually the name of the song and its originality. That was the hook that drew us in and once at the other side we certainly were impressed by what we heard. For anyone new to Joe May then this track is the perfect introduction.

Apex Zero - Seventh Dimension (On Perspective)

The brand new single of Apex Zero sees us be given a true enriched of the art of spoken word as it brings together a flavour of world music with almost poetic lines which will send a tingle down your spine. I can envision already once fully out there in the world that is only a matter of time where hearts and minds are transported to another dimension all thanks to Apex Zero.

Robert Jon & The Wreck - Hey Hey Mama (Live)

This is the type of song you wish you could see performed live, and well thankfully Hey Hey Mama sees Robert Jon & The Wreck respond to your beacon and bring this live music feel to you. Already i see myself getting a glimpse to see that a show will be plenty of fun. Hey Hey Mama will make you want to sing at the top of you lungs with drink in hand to be savoured and enjoyed like a nice refreshing glass of cider.

Puma June - Glass Curtain

No word of a lie the latest single by Puma June will really move you as you immerse yourself in the middle of a song full of unadulterated, raw and pure emotion. As a piece of music Puma June will have you in the palm of their hands aas you really become one with the music.

Walking Through Walls - I Was Thinking of Ways To Tell You

Looking for your latest indie-pop fix then the best thing you can do is listen to I Was Thinking of Ways to Tell You which is highly addictive and should honest come with the disclaimer "warning uncontrollable adrenaline guaranteed with this song. In certain points you detect resemblances small of the likes of The 1975 and oh my days can't forget those dreamy saxaphone solos.

CHERISE - Elixir

Imagine the likes of Billie Eilish but with even more swagger, well Cherise and her latest song Elixir will have a place in your heart . The strength of this song comes in the shape of song-writing. You will sway, you may even have a little sing along and most of all fall in love with this song.

Bailey Bigger - Arkansas is Nice

If you like your songs with plenty of opportunities to sing along, then Arkansas is Nice is one of those songs you will be both your guilty pleasure and your feel good hell yes playlist that you cant live without. Arkanas Is Nice will leave you curious as to when you can hear more of Bailey Bigger's brilliant tunes.

Max Berend - Beast

When you approach Beast for the very first time and allow yourself to really listen and connect to the narrative of Max Berend is quite an invigorating, raw and emotive song. The lines "there's a boy who wants to be scene" may not seem much to the naked eye, but for those who come with open mindedness this song will also be a source of encouragement. If you are looking for music to help will help you feel empowered then Beast is a good starting point.

Wingtip - Manipulator

We wrap up this month's playlist with the deep and reflect track Manipulator the latest single by US artist Wingtip. It is the type of song where even if alt-pop is not quite your thing, you can still find it enriching regardless. On first impressions you may find Manipulator quite slow but its the passion and realness of Wingtip's songwriting which make it that all the more appealing. Come rain or shine, for those who dare step forward this song is the perfect gateway to becoming one with your deepest feelings as you have heart to heart with your internal monologue.

Blueburst - Supernova

After debut single "Vanish" received stellar reviews, Blueburst are back with their 2nd single "Supernova". It's an energetic romp, about squeezing every drop out of life before we inevitably die.

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