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Daisy Grenade - Real Horror Show

With the countdown to the release of their latest EP Sophomore Slump finally in full motion, Brooklyn based duo Dani Nigro and Keaton Whittaker, better known as Daisy Grenade have been keeping us music fans on our toes by treating us to a few glimpses of the the EP.

Released only a few days ago, the pair spoiled us with the release of their latest single Real Horror Show, and based on first impressions I have a feeling it is going to be a popular hit with countless fans across the music community.

As soon as I tuned into this song, my eyes lit up as in that moment it felt like I had an epiphany where Daisy Grenade was at the centre, and the realisation that I may have very well just discovered my new favourite band. What you will find when you listen to Real Horror Show is that Dani and Keaton have this ability to take their love for music, to create lyrics which will strike a chord within you, and also provide a catchy, fun and addictive song to draw you in even more.

In turn, mid way through you will find yourself singing along to every word, with a big smile on your face as you enjoy both Daisy Grenade and Real Horror Show to the max. I honestly could sit here and listen to this song all day, every day, because it is the type of song which is hard to tear yourself from because it is just that good.

I just know when I eventually do get my hands on new EP, Sophomore Slump, just going off Real Horror Show, it is going to be a body of work which sees Dani and Keaton continue move in confidence and strength. Yes there are alot of duo’s out their in the world of music right now, but for me there will never ever be anyone quite like Daisy Grenade because I tell you what these ladies are well on their way to becoming one of the greatest names in music of all time. Want to be part of the action then make sure you check out Daisy Grenade today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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