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Creature Canyon - Simulator

If you are looking some fresh exciting music, but also on the search for your new favourite band of 2022 then look no further because Creature Canyon will make all those wishes come true. Having released their brand new single Simulator on 26th April, yes you read write, today, the day already feels brighter and has put me in good spirits.

I write my thoughts on this gem of a track, as I sit here with earphones on with Simulator playing in the background and my body moving and shoulders bopping, singing to myself mentally, as the people around me stare wondering ‘man that dude looks happy, what ever he is listening to, I want myself a piece of that!’. As far fetched as that might sound, in truth that is exactly the effect listening to Simulator will make you feel.

This song has such a infectious energy to it, I don’t want to be the guy that calls it groovy, but you know fuck it, I will call it as I see it, because yes Simulator has plenty of groove, lyrics which even a first time listener can pick up on and sing along too like they are living their best life ever. Here is me thinking man I got a mountains worth of work to do, where do I even begin, but Creature Canyon are that band that are the spring in my step that are getting me through the air.

I am not quite at the point of walking around giving everyone high fives, but I am sure after another few listens I won’t be far off. I LOVE everything about this song, lyrically brilliant and relatable with some mighty fine songwriting to keep you engaged throughout, and some addictive rhythm which give Simulator which give the track its special flair.

Before today I knew very little about about Creature Canyon, but at 12:00pm UK Time on 26th April 2022, my appreciation of music was stimulated to a higher level, and that is all thanks to these five talented and fun loving guys from San Diego. They say that music crosses boundaries, so amen to thank because there are some new baes in my life and they are called Creature Canyon.

Available to listen to on all major platforms, if I could ask you to do one thing today it would be to check out Simulator right now - and if you find yourself being the only person on public transport or in the mall busting some moves as people watch on in confusion, screw it enjoy every moment, because it won’t be long till ya’ll a piece of Creature Canyon in your life too!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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