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Conor Maynard - By Your Side

Let’s face it, its never easy facing those moments where it feels like you are drifting away from the one who has your heart and all those crazy cocktails of emotions that are bouncing in your mind.

Well the good news is that your not alone as Conor Maynard shares his brand new single and official music to By Your Side, which comes from a place of living in the moment where you experience the hurt and helplessness but also can still sense the care and love for each other.

What I like about listening to By Your Side is how very real it feels, in a way that makes it easy to relate to because its takes all those raw emotions and takes them head on, but in a safe and cathartic way.

A lot of the time people will tend to shy away from songs like this, because they will feel that its too close to the bone, but trust me Conor Maynard sees you and helps you to get through it to help you realise you are not alone, nor is it scared to feel - it’s just human!

The best way to get way to understand is for you to experience the song for yourself, so be sure that you check out the song because you never know it may actually be quite healing.

Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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