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Conor James - Damn Yankees

There is nothing I love more than a powerful piece of music where the lyrics are quite reflective and make you think whilst also providing an energising and catchy beat, so when I heard Conor James and his brand new song Damn Yankees, I was 100% in my element.

This is much more than a song to me, and instead feels like a conversation within my own mind and what I love is just how easy the song is to grasp from the moment your attentive ear is cast over it. You don’t have to even know who Conor James is, but by the end you will be feeling he is your buddy and a kindred spirit.

I just love his whole style as a songwriter as you have a mixture of vulnerability and what I like to call assertive confidence, which creates a bit of optimism, rather than just focusing on the negative feelings that circle around your head. And hey Conor just singing ‘your the meanest mother fucker I ever know, your the meanest mother fucker I ever know’ is without a doubt one of the best I have ever heard.

It is not just about the lyrics though, because if you love your guitar solos and electrifying riffs then Damn Yankees has plenty, to the point that if you find yourself wanting to let loose and go into air guitar mode, just go for it #sorrynotsorry.

Damn Yankees has only been out a week, but you know what I can really see this song becoming massive. As a music fan and a first time listener what makes a good song in my opinion is one that stays in your mind and makes you want to go and listen to time and time again, and for me Damn Yankees falls into this scenario perfectly, which is a true credit to who Conor James and what he offers to the world of music as an artist. I see big things on the horizon for him, and I for one cannot wait to see his continued growth. May the good times roll my friend!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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