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CMAT shares new single 'Rodney' + new video


‘Rodney’ is the second single from Irish singer CMAT, the self-styled global pop star who lives at home with her grandparents in Dublin. A supremely catchy doo-wop-influenced bop with kitchen sink percussion and a breezy sax solo, it is possibly the first single by a Dublin-based artist to reference deceased American actor Rodney Dangerfield. 

CMAT  says of the song: “‘Rodney’ is about what happens when someone you admire doesn’t respect you. The more desperate you are for their affection, the less respect you get. I wrote this when I was dealing with a person who practically hated my guts, and I started watching a lot of Rodney Dangerfield. His catchphrase was ‘I get no respect!’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god, me neither babe!’. It’s supposed to be painful, but still funny, because that’s what making a fool of yourself is all about.”

The song was produced by Oli Deakin in New York, and is accompanied by a video shot by CMAT at her Dublin home during lockdown. A striking and often outspoken presence on social media, Paste Magazinelikened her recent debut single Another Day (kfc) to Dolly Parton and Lily Allen. Infectiously camp, with a vulnerability that compounds her natural flair: a modern performer as knowledgeable about Loretta Lynn as she is about the celebrity socialites of London and L.A. (circa 1999-2009).  She also happens to be huge on TikTok in Poland. But nobody is quite sure why.  ‘Rodney’ follows her debut single, ‘Another Day (kfc)’ which was released in late April, picking up nods from The Sunday Times, Popjustice, and Spotify, who featured it in playlists including New Music Friday UK, Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Indie.

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