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Club Paradise: Gunshot

Artwork| Kate Ralph

Club Paradise Release: Gunshot

‘An outsider’s comment on what we see across the pond.’

As Club Paradise has had a busy start to the year with a variety of shows, the indie rock outfit are set to release their latest single: ‘Gunshot’.

In the last year or two, Club Paradise have supported the likes of The Magic Gang as part of their UK tour playing one of the shows as support. Garnering success and adoration, the show opened up opportunities like supporting Katy J Pearson and JAWS in 2021; setting 2022 ablaze with shows alongside SPINN!

Performing at North East music festival, 'A Stones Throw' at the start of the year, Club Paradise have shown no signs of slowing this crazy train - with more shows lined up for the colder months of 2022.

And one of the dance-invoking tracks you may hear at one of their vivacious shows is their aforementioned single, ‘Gunshot’, making their sound emblematic for the euphoric, indie-rock scene!

Fans of the band will know the band for their glimmering, melodic instrumental openings. Bright and upbeat, the foot-tapping tempos engage beautifully with the raspy voice of frontman, Ryan Young. The introduction to this track diverts from the usual composition of Club Paradise’s previous tracks, bolstered by the unwavering determination of the band, to constantly refine their stylistic individualism. With this single, lead vocalist, Ryan Young feels a clear statement has been established:

‘This track feels like we're at a new level. As a collective, we keep pushing ourselves and ‘Gunshot’ is a track that, from the day we wrote it, I felt like I wanted to share it with the world immediately.’

Well, the world will need to wait no longer as ‘Gunshot’ is set to release on the 30th September!! As the title suggests, the song tackles an outsider’s perspective on gun crime from across the pond; a perspective which blossomed during the creative process, but interestingly enough, this was not the theme the band was initially aiming to incorporate. Frontman Ryan comments:

‘This wasn't intentionally a song about gun crime, the theme definitely came along in a subconscious way as we were writing. We don't live in a nation where firearms are legal, so I guess this is an outsider’s comment on what we see across the pond.’

Gun crime in America, as we are all aware, is still very much prevalent today. This song dives into the varying degrees of severity that gun crime inherits with some home-hitting realism via the impactful lyricism.

Keeping to their signature, galvanic dynamics, this song experiments with funky harmonies as we get hints of euphoric melodies as the single progresses, cushioned by the crescendo of upbeat vibes we have come to expect from Club Paradise.

Club Paradise| 📷 Will Gorman

Setting the scene of hysterical uproar and chaos, the lyrics imprint the listener with the visceral imagery of looking for your love in the panicked crowd, as you become a witness to what's unfolding in front of you.

‘Ran for my life / Had to find you / Do or do but I couldn't see your face…’

Peering deeper into the lyrics as the song evolves, concocting visuals such as a sky that is always blanketed in red, white and blue. On the surface, that may seem to symbolize the American flag, however it is a vivid, brash reminder of how strained the American emergency services have become.

Additionally, the song addresses how gun violence affects American children, specifically the sensitive history of mass school shootings. Club Paradise delves into how the kids would be innocently expecting a normal schooling experience, surrounded by their peers, only to be taken away from the world they know - and should know - whilst worries fester into panic and fear, before they could be clarified and soothed.

The cleverly written lyrics display how gun crime is no staple of power or admiration to those who may think it's some sort of fantasy or game. This is the reality, where choosing to be violent doesn’t make you a hero or an icon or a martyr:

‘This ain't a western or a circus show / You ain't a cowboy or a Navajo.’

The term ‘Navajo’ refers to one of the largest tribes of American Indians in the United States. Furthermore, in this context, the mention of the Navajo and cowboy culture (respectively) alludes to the childhood game ‘Cowboys vs. Indians’. By including this childlike reference, Club Paradise perfectly encapsulates the harsh realism of the youngest of us that get caught in the crossfire, creating a dark dichotomy of innocent fun and the sinister romanticism of gun violence.

The instrumentation works parallel to the lyrics to create a striking contrast, progressively becoming more euphoric tonally. It is quite dauntless to maintain the buoyant tempo as the lyrics become more reflective and emotive, similar in composition to Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’.

The melody progresses mirthfully as if unaware of the underlying message, mimetic to how those who are going through their day-to-day lives are unaware of how quickly a normal day can turn into one you wouldn’t forget for the rest of your life.

The new single from Club Paradise acts as a reflective statement that tackles a serious and ongoing gun control issue within the United States; yet the band manages to stay true to their enlivened sound, a song that is truly balanced well.

You can stream and listen to Gunshot from the 30th September.

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