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Christian French releases "Butterfly Fields" and this what twitter had to say about it

It's been teased on his Tik Tok and different posts on Instagram for months, fans have gone crazy on Twitter talking about it but it's finally here.

"Butterfly Fields", The breezy indie-pop track kicks off with sunny, funk-infused guitar riffs and psychedelic ‘70s-influenced basslines as Christian’s melodic vocals effortlessly float across the production. Perfect for the summer season, “butterfly fields” captures the euphoric feeling of the early phases of falling in love.

Here's what they had to say about the most awaited track:

Not wanting to sleep ever again:

The track is on repeat, and you should do the same:

Bringing a smile on your face when listening to it:

Christian French being the king:

Using "Butterfly Fields" as a Starbucks name:

What do you think of "Butterfly Fields"?

Follow Christian French's journey on @christianfrench.

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