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Chris Cachia - Highness Bow

It may have been released back in April, but I tell you what it still makes me excited everytime I think of Chris Cachia and his track Highness Bow. For a long time hip-hop has been dominated by titans such as Emimem, but Chris Cachia may very well be the man to bring something refreshing and new to the genre.

What I love about Highness Bow is how outspoken it is lyrically, as Cachia shares some of the insights of his mind, in such a poetic and honest way, which gives the song even more of an edge. Usually hip-hop is not quite my thing, but I have nothing but praise for Highness Bow, as with every line you hear, the more and more you want to continue to listen to it, to the point that I pressed that replay button video numerous times as I just could not get enough of it.

Highness Bow also comes with a very cool music video, where we see cameo appearances by Chris Cachia himself, and presented both artistically and metaphorically, which I feel when you combine it with the song itself just helps to elevate the song even more.

Truth be told, and I am totally unapologetic in my admission hear, although hip-hop is not necessarily a genre I tend to give a lot of personal time to, I would not hesitate in seeking out even more of Chris Cachia’s music.

Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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