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CHILLY GONZALES - 'A Very Chilly Mixtape: The Coldest Crimbo' with Toddla T

A Very Chilly Christmas Special, a 75-minute program filmed in an empty, Parisian theatre featuring Jarvis Cocker, Feist and other guests is available 16 Dec in Europe and 23 Dec in the rest of the world.

Chilly Gonzales revisits the old carols and the new pop standards on his album “A Very Chilly Christmas”. But it wouldn’t be Christmas without friends and family, so Gonzo has assembled his gang to celebrate the holidays in his playful and intimate style.

In “A Very Chilly Christmas Special”, the old-school TV Christmas variety show gets a 2020 makeover: Santa Claus, like all of us, has had a challenging year, and has decided to go to therapy. Thankfully, Chilly Gonzales and his musical family are on hand to soundtrack the ups and downs of this peculiar year and convince Santa to go on.

“A Very Chilly Christmas Special” will help Santa and all of us finish this year on a high note. Watch the trailer HERE

A very chilly christmas special, with guests Feist, Jarvis Cocker and more, streams December 23. Details and tickets here.

Following the release of Chilly’s new album ‘A Very Chilly Christmas’, platinum selling UK producer Toddla T has put his very own spin on the record. Featuring help from friends Nadia Rose, Serocee, Coco and Deli OneFourz, Toddla T and Chilly Gonzales delight us with this very festive mixtape.

Listen to “The Coldest Crimbo” HERE

A world-renowned pianist who’s collaborated with Drake, Daft Punk, Feist and Jarvis Cocker, originally from Canada and now residing in Cologne, Chilly Gonzales is a long standing collaborator with Toddla T, co-writing on Toddla’s latest album ‘Foreign Light’.

The mixtape offers the perfect balance of festivity and fun, featuring the most unique interpretations of traditional songs such as Silent Night, We Three Kings, and Auld Lang Minor!

TODDLA T says “I’m such a big fan of Chilly Gonzales, we’ve worked together in the past, including on one of my biggest tracks ‘Magnet’. When he came with the idea for me to remix a song from his Christmas album, it quickly snowballed into a mixtape, with me adding some of my favourite artists and friends. It’s been a lot of fun and hopefully will provide some upful vibes for a very chilly Christmas ”

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