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Chelsea Cutler Takes On LA And We're Here For It!

Photo By Sthefany N

From breakout singles to critically acclaimed albums, Chelsea Cutler has established herself as a leading voice in pop music. But Chelsea isn't afraid to evolve. Her music continues to mature, exploring new soundscapes while staying true to her signature introspective lyrics. Let's dive into Chelsea's artistic journey, her inspirations, and what we can expect from this ever-evolving artist.

At the Hollywood Palladium on March 22nd was filled with energy and surprises throughout the night.

The stage for the Beauty is Everywhere Tour is different from everything Chelsea had done before. Beautiful lighting and amazing display of her band. Chelsea infused the room with an unmatched energy.

The evening was filled with delightful surprises. Kicking off with a special appearance by G Flip, the Australian sensation, who showcased their skills on the drums during Chelsea’s performance of “If Not Yours”. This was followed by a memorable moment when influencer and TikTok personality Jake Shane joined Chelsea onstage for “The Reason”. Additionally, the audience was treated to a collaborative performance with Alexander23, during which they delivered a mesmerising rendition of his single “IDK You Yet”.

Photo By Sthefany N

Throughout the show, Chelsea's audience remained enthralled. The diverse makeup of her crowd underscored a sense of unity and inclusivity. Chelsea's performance was nothing short of electric, leaving a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to witness it.

Article & Photos by Sthefany N.

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