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Charlotte Sands - Alright

Released in March 2023, Texas based singer-songer Charlotte Sands introduces us all to her official music video for her track Alright, and I will say now has to be one of the most emotionally beautiful pieces of music I have ever witnessed.

Alright to me is much more than a song but a journey through that internal monologue we all sometimes hear where we are questioning life, doubting ourselves or just even trying to make sense of the world around us. As a song, Alright takes all of those thoughts and feelings which can be interpreted as vulnerability, but with Charlotte Sands infusing it with strength.

With this music video to this track being a live performance I think that is what adds to the charm of both Alright and Charlotte herself even more, because yea while you could have a fancy story line, the beauty of the song lies in the lyrics and this music video just takes you to the very heart of that where you can really be at the centre of such untainted emotion.

For example the lines ‘I trust my horoscope, more than I trust myself, keep feeding my ego when I should ask for help, I don’t know where players go, but I’m still scared of hell” speak for themselves because they it is just so poetic the way Charlotte is able to make them so relatable to anyone that listens.

What I value as well about Charlotte Sands is as a songwriter she is real and honest with her fans, and Alright is just a perfect example of that where she is reminding them through lines such as “No I'll never be all right, But I heard it gets good , I'm thinking that I could in time” that there won’t be an instant fix, but in time things will be there. To the naked eye that may not sound like a lot, but to someone else those few simple words are a source of encouragement and hope to not give up and to keep on going.

Listening to Alright, I have no shame in saying this, but yes I did feel the tears fall from my eyes and ever so gently down the side of my cheek, but not because the song made me sad, and instead in a way where in that moment, when I let go of my internal barriers of past hurts and confusions, in that moment of embracing Alright for what it was, what it represented, I felt a sense of healing.

Music is not just there for us to make us feel happy or put on a mask to the world that the world is all rosey, its also there to help us have a safe space where we can feel open and honest about the things that matter to us in our live including the stuff that hurts us, the stuff that scares us or even the stuff that pisses us off, and gives us all whether your the artist or the listener that sense of community to walk through it together. Charlotte Sands by giving us all her beautiful and powerful music gives us the confidence to take those important steps forward, to which speaking personally I will be forever grateful for.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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