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Charli XCX Releases Latest Album: How I'M Feeling Now

For many fans of Charli XCX including myself, it may seem like a lifetime ago since the release of her last album. Ok fair enough that was only 9 months ago, but still if there is one thing that album succeeded in doing, it was making us all hungry for more.

No doubt many of us have also felt moments of frustration and a roller coaster of emotions during the current the ongoing Covid-19 crisis so when the news that Charli XCX would be returning with her brand new record, ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ certainly gave us something to smile about. Just like any of her material, she is constantly growing in strength, confidence and sass as a artist, and How I’m Feeling Now certainly demonstrates that further.

So having listened to the album in its entirety, what did I think? I LOVED IT! Beginning with opening track, Pink Diamond, you are drawn in straight away with the catchy beat and regardless of what your gender is, when you focus on the lyrics it has lovely hints of empowerment flowing throughout. Whenever I get a new album I always think to myself that the first track is always the most important – so from first impressions based on Pink Diamond so far so good. Not going to lie, I did press repeat on this track a good few times because I was loving the vibe, but thankfully I did eventually move on to exploring the rest of the album.

The second track is Forever – wow what a dreamy track. It is such a beautiful song on every level, and it is a celebration of eternal love whether it be a friend, relative or significant other. With so much negativity in the news and social media these days which can be so overwhelming, Forever is a refreshing song which oozes with positivity and kindness, and one which I feel will be so mind blowing to see performed live. Dang Charli XCX no I am not getting all emotional, I just have something in my eye, honest! Haha!

That positive and dreamy vibes continues when we get to Claws which as I am writing this is making me sway and bop. Many have described Charli XCX’s style as experimental pop, and from listening to Claws in particular I now get a hint of what they mean. If you really focus there are so many levels to this song from the vocals, to the beat of the music itself, and the thing that truly keeps you on your toes as a listener so it is not just another song, is so it is cleverly intertwined so what you may assume will just is your average pop track, thanks to her strengths as a artist is taken to a whole new exciting level.

OK do you know how I wasn’t getting teary eyed when referring to Forever, where that’s gone out the window once I continued listening to the album and came across the captivating and beautiful song, 7 Years. This is one that really does pull at your heartstrings, and what I love most about this song and album so far is that it is good to find an artist who has the ability to create songs which resonate with the listener. Most of the time that usually happens with heart break and sadness, but its brilliant to listen to music where you are connecting with feelings of happiness for a change.

While I am tempted to take you track by track, at the same time I feel that it is one of those albums where you have to listen to yourself to know where I am coming from, plus at end of day can’t give away all the good secrets now can I? However there are a couple of other tracks on this record that I recommend you keep your eye out for.

For example c2.0 – when you listen to it at first you will find yourself saying ‘ooo this is different’, and you soon become more curious as the song progresses. It is one of those songs on the album where Charli XCX is embracing her creativity even more in the type of energy that the track puts across, but which is executed with such style as it keeps us the listener on our toes.

Another recommendation to look out for is Anthems because while it has been nice to sway and soak up those dreamy vibes, this is one of those songs which will get you dancing. Festivals may be on hold this summer which is a shame because I can just see this going down a treat when performed live. Its full of energy, and for me I see it as one that whatever stage your joining the Charli XCX family as a fan, is one that will definitely one you will be playing any opportunity you can.

So there we go my whistle stop tour of this amazing album, How I’m Feeling Now. I can see this becoming a record which people are going to class as one of their favourite albums of 2020, and I know myself I will be turning up the volume as I relive the experience all over again.

As I said at the start, just like other releases, Charli XCX has continued to show her continued growth as an artist on a multitude of levels, and in terms of this latest record it is a celebration of her embracing her identity to a whole new level which when asked the

question How I’m Feeling Now – I can only respond with Charli XCX I love you even more!

If there is one thing you do this summer, it would be to check out the new album, because if you want a change to the norm and want to enjoy some positive feel good energy by one of the most incredible female artists around – then this is the album for you.

Article By Thushara

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