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Celebrities’ PR To Launch 100% Vegan PR Company

Brazilian, 37 years old, with an engaging smile, incomparable energy, and extremely professional, this is how Will Callaghan is seen in the US and UK public relations market.

Throughout his 8-year career he’s been representing talent from shows like X- Factor, The Voice, Got Talent, Junior Bake Off, The Apprentice, Hell's Kitchen, Married At First Sight, Interior Design Master, The Great American Bake Off and other talent shows in the UK, Europe, USA, as well as actors from Broadway and West End London and influencers from social media.

One of his most recent clients was Vegan Chef Josie Clemens who appeared on the reality show Hell’s Kitchen US 2021 and Will introduced Josie to the media and public around the world.

What many people don't know is that Will Callaghan is vegan and from November 15th he opens the doors of his new public relations agency “Publy” - a 100% vegan public relations agency. Publy will cater to only vegan celebrities, brands and companies.

Best of all, while other agencies can charge between £1.500 to £2.500 a month, Publy will have affordable packages and plans for costing between £500 and £650.

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