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Celebrating 10 Years: Northlane - Live At The Roundhouse

Taking control of the stage for their 10 year anniversary show from the word go with their unique blend of metal core and techno. Northlane whipped the eager crowd into a frenzy with show opener talking heads and setting a statement of intent for the show. This is going to be a full octane with no time to rest during the show. With melodic riffs and vocal lines alike with a modern underlying techno tone, the driving rhythm section pushes everything forwards with the right amount go vigorous energy that peak just before the genre defining breakdown, Creating the instant short-lived, highly anticipated excitement before the drop and giving everyone what they want, a huge release of explosive musical energy.

When the second track from their latest album offering, Details Matter hits us it is a unrelenting powerhouse of a track that’s a clear fan favourite because despite the clear warnings or danger and ejection from the venue crowd surfing becomes rife from here on.

From this we are presented with a gift for everyone in attendance both in person and at home, the live debut of Jinn. I can only imagine how many people have been waiting and wondering how this track would be live. A juggernaut of a track with an emphatic disjointed rhythm driving throughout that keeps the head banging in a synchronised passionate wave. A song i believe will be a staple of their live sets for years to come. This is followed up with set regular Rot.

Northstar don't need to engage the audience with the usual tit for tat chat that accompany most shows these days, and why would they? why give them an opportunity to cool off and catch their breath? This set is an hour of non-stop unrelenting energy on all parts.

An older classic Citizen offers a melodic sing-along with the crowd, a back and forth between them beckoning participation from everyone. Parting the crowd with a mere gesture and commanding the enveloping circle pit. It is clear that as Northlane have progressed through their career and earned a loyal fan base that have stayed with them as they have embraced the changes in the industry and evolved their sound with new instruments added to their repertoire. Songs like 4D and Eclipse enjoy a subtle techno theme not found as often on the earlier albums.

Lead singer, Marcus Bridge’s impressive vocal range is highlighted on Freefall. it takes a hell of a lot to put your vocal chords through a show like this and his voice doesn't skip once. He often shares vocals duties with bassist Brendan Padjesek with wonderful choral dualities. Eclipse, another one from Alien has a different feel for me, through the use of programmable instruments it reminds me of songs from my teenage youth of the early 00’s. With its dance strewn riffs it doesn't deviate from the their established sound but does provide an opportunity to show where the band are going

The recording for both the audio and the visuals is nothing short of superb. it is best audio mixing i believe I've ever heard taken from a live concert. Its crisp and clean, you hear every gunshot snare and deep bass note and deserves to played at volumes close to being there in person. With live show recordings usually being withheld for arenas and festivals the crew have pulled out all stops and have managed to create an intimate atmosphere that'd be lost if filmed at a bigger venue. From the multi-cam setup that gives the viewer an immersive experience that’s second to being stuck right in the circle pits, minus the sweat. The quick changes in angles are as fast as the kick drum. This combined with an exquisite light and pyro show full of strobes, smoke and confetti that doesn’t tame the raw brutality of Northlane’s music but rather add an extra layer of depth to the live experience by overclocking all our senses and bringing us as close as possible to being there in person.

Ending the set with Bloodline wasn't enough from the fans, cutting to side stage the calls for Northlane are getting louder and louder, faster and faster until they get what they want. Marcus appears onstage donning an outfit that draws all eyes on him. Bringing tears to his eyes and a shiver down my spine with this touching, passionate encore with Sleepless. After thanking the crowd for the most special show they've ever played they close with the explosive Quantum Flux, a song for the fans who've been from the beginning and before Marcus joined the band. An epic track to use up all energy left in reserve. It may be quite some time before fans get to see them live again but Live at the Roundhouse will absolutely plug the gap until then.

To be part of the action and experience this amazing show through your own eyes then order your tickets via right now. This is certainly one live show you do not want to miss!

Article By Sam Wall

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