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Cavin: from cosplays to the red carpet

Cavin was a full time student from Hong Kong when he started experimenting with long cables, textiles, colors and ... YouTube tutorials. In 2014 he starts cosplaying and fast forward to 2019 he's one of the most famous and followed cosplayers on social media. He created the unique prototype full costume suit for the new Spider-Man, he attended the Hong Kong premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home and he sells his exclusive costumes online.

We got to chat with the Hong Kong version of Spider-Man which has nothing to envy to Tom Holland's, here's what he told us ...

How did you start your career as a cosplayer?

I started cosplaying in 2014, before that, I was a "Part-time" engineer aka full time student. I used to invent stuff like exo-suit and I decided to cosplay because if the pressure from my own research. 

You've been a Spiderman fan for so long, why Spiderman? Spider-Man is my childhood superhero and he inspired me a lot, if you have extra talent, it's not just you want to, it is your responsibility to do extra to help people. Besides that, how Peter Parker struggles with life and being spidey me makes me feel super related. It's not easy to balance between life and my job aka inventing new cosplay props.

What has been the biggest challenge in creating the perfect costume? Definitely the texture. It took me 3 years on how to do it right. I'm not studying any art/design major, so basically I learn everything online and experiment it multiple times. Your social media following made you famous worldwide, how do you keep yourself engaged with the internet? I actually don't take that very serious. I tried to post regularly but it was really exhausting. So, I will just post randomly and focus more on creating new stuffs.

How long does it take you to create a full mask? It depends, if I want to make a huge upgrade on the mechanism, it can take months.

What are you currently working on? I'm designing my custom-suit right now. Actually its a re-design of my previous custom-design spidey suit. I'm trying to add more texture and modify the sewing pattern to create a more seamless look. You've attended so many comic con and different events, what's so special about it?Definitely it is meeting with kids! You won't believe that they look at me as a "Real" Spider-Man! They will ask  me tons of question or even want me to shoot webs or climb walls! And my mission is to not break the magic, like trying my best to act as "Spider-Man". Pose and answer their questions.

You've attended the premiere of Spider Man - Far From Home, how was the experience? That was amazing! The movie was so great. I took a lot of photos with the guests and even videos! Just can't wait to join it again next time!

What is next for you? What is the dream? I'm trying to recreate all Spider-Man suit. My dream is to film a short video as a bio for my work.

Follow Cavin and his creations on @CavinCreations.

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