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Catching up with FJ Law

Fj Law talks us through his new single "friends" as well as his interesting busy year. Fj Law is the solo project of singer and songwriter Danny Hall who has already worked with artists like Nina Nesbitt and Kwassa.

Who's FJ Law in 3 words? The 'Happy sad boy’

From producing to actually releasing your own tracks, what do you enjoy the most?

My favourite parts of the process are at the beginning of creating a song and again right at the end. The excitement and energy I get from creating something in the moment is an indescribable feeling. Hearing the potential in something that could be awesome is the best feeling, and second to none. Until I release the track, that feeling is even better. Hearing a reaction from people who are appreciating your work is the most heart warming. It’s  hard to choose between these two moments.

Let's talk about "friends", catchy and meaningful. What's your message?

The song doesn’t really have an inspiring message to people, as such. It's more of a selfish rant to be honest. Like the drunk guy in the corner of the pub shouting at the fruity machine. The song is about being ‘f*cked over by your ‘friends’ but having to deal with it in your own destructive way. 

How did you come up the idea of releasing this track? Once I wrote and produced the song, I knew it was going to be my first single. It felt like it was the first song I made where I was truly happy with the sound I was creating. Plus I knew the line ’Then you stared f*cking with my friends’ was either going to be very catchy or horribly shocking to people. So either way, I thought people would be talking about it.

You've previously released songs like "Catching 22" and "State to State", how are they different to "friends"? 'State to state' and 'catching 22’ never officially got released onto streaming platforms, I was just in the right place at the right time and somehow they made it on to BBC Radio1at different points. The versions of those songs that got played were my original demos so they were very rough around the edges. However with ‘friends’ I was able to get to a point of having a decent mix and master to really pump it up. 

You seem quite active on social media, how important is that for you as an emerging artist?

Social media is hugely important. I want people to get the full scoop of who I am, as much as I want to know about my audience. It's such a great tool to speak to people who like what i'm about and gives me a way to properly thank people who have invested their time in my music.

2020 is coming to an end and a lot has changed in the world, how was your 2020?

My 2020 has been interesting to say the least. It wasn’t without it’s challenges but it gave me the time I needed to focus solely on  FJ Law , getting all the materials I needed to make sure this project debut got the kick-start it needed. 

Looking forward to a better 2021, what are your projects? I'm buzzing for 2021. I don’t want to give too much away but I am excited to get my body of work out there to more people. Also to hopefully get back into live shows and start playing my music to big crowds through even bigger speakers.That's what I live for.  

What (and who) inspires you the most? The people who inspire me the most are the people and artists around me who are crushing it at the moment. When I sit down to write a song or produce a beat these are the people that inspire me and push me to want to be better at what I do. 

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