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CAT SFX - Releases 'Doom Generation' this July || Listen Now

Originally beginning life as a poem, it found new life in song when Cat was introduced to songwriter/producer Gordon Mills in December last year. Helping her to finesse its glowing potential, the pair mixed and mastered the track in 2020. 

Channeling the low-slung cool of Kim Gordon or Emma Pollock, ‘Doom Generation’ oozes with a fervent do-or-die passion and an unerring alt-rock attitude impossible to fake. Cat SFX is the band and brainchild of the Anglo-Italian solo artist based in London. Inspired by the early works of the Manics, NIN, The Nymphs, X-ray Spex, Placebo among others, Cat immersed herself in music from an early age and soon knew a career in music was the only life for her. Forming her first band at the age of sixteen, The Vincent Fiasco emerged in the midst of the 00’s band boom. Catching the ear of Alan McGee, he staged the Fiasco at the legendary Death Disco Club; a night that marked the beginning of a friendship McGee and Cat have retained ever since. As word about the band began to rapidly spread through increasing live shows and a number of high-profile support slots for Interpol, expectations began to mount dizzyingly quickly for a band still in their early teens. Feeling the pressure, Cat instead made the decision to cut herself off before falling into the tell-tale trappings that have consumed many rockstars over time.

Moving back to Milan, she instead began to calculate the next stage of her career at her own pace. Finding a job with Sony ATV as a professional songwriter, swapping front-of-stage for a new life behind the scenes, she soon found her talents truly coming into their own. Scoring numerous successes as she shared her skills with an array of blossoming bands, Cat notably assisted Italian sensations: The Kolors achieve meteoric success in their home country, with a clutch of hit singles and a 4x platinum selling album.

Returning to London some years later, refreshed and reinvigorated Cat re-connected with McGee during the filming for his “Creation Stories” film. Mentioning that she had been working on a raft of new material of her own under a new moniker: Cat SFX; one listen to ‘Doom Generation’ and McGee was hooked. The rest is, as they say, history. Cat SFX will release ‘Doom Generation’ on 24th July 2020 via Creation 23 records. 


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