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Casino Rockets: Reality Distortion Field

Having already had the pleasure of listening to their track, Impala earlier this year, it was such a special moment when the time came for me to finally listen to Casino Rocket’s debut album in all its entirety. Released on 15th May 2021, Reality Distortion Field is brilliantly executed record consisting of 10 diverse, engaging and powerful songs that any music fan could ask for.

Many of us will be brand new to the world of Casino Rockets, and I too place myself in that same situation having only discovered them a matter of months ago myself, but I tell you what, if this album is anything to go by, then I think we may have all just have found our favourite West Yorkshire band of 2021.

With so much promise, I think it is only right for those first time Casino Rockets listeners out there, that I ask you to join me as we take a closer look at some of the elements that make Reality Distortion Field such a strong album. The record begins with the ever so inviting and punchy opening track Impala. There is so much energy behind it, and when coupled with the catchy beat and the enticing lyrics, by the second verse you are going to find a lot of shoulder bopping and singing along without realising it.

Yea fair enough I may have already heard this track back in April when it was released as a single, but as far as the first fruits of Reality Distortion Field goes, Impala really does a brilliant job of setting the tone for what you are about to listen to next. From here we then go the second track, People Like You. What strikes me about this song is the honesty, where frontman Tiv Whitaker is just saying it how it is, and for me, I see that as a positive. It is also quite observational is some respects, which I am sure many of us can related to where we very mindful of the different types of people who surround us. The way Tiv approaches it though through this track, is that he offers a poetic twist to it.

Only Light Can Save You, I would probably say, although it little bit more mellower than the other tracks on offer, is still one of my favourites from this album. If you pay careful and close attention, it is actually a rather a soothing and hopeful song. When you also factor in the other elements such as the tempo and sonical skills of Tiv’s fellow band members, then this only elevates this song further.

Another favourite of mine from the album was Fonzerelli. Other than coincidentally being the same name as the Fonz from that old-school comedy Happy Days, Fonzerelli is also a track which you can see that Casino Rockets are keeping us on our toes, and showing their creativity as a band. The song has a very intriguing but inviting beginning which beat by beat draws you in more and more, before we are met with the calming vocals of the bands talented lead vocalist. I actually, the more and more I think about it, find Fonzerelli to be such a classy little number, because the way the band have compiled it to make it much more than a song, but something with depth, meaning gives a track such as this so much character.

Before you all shout at me at giving away all the best bits that Reality Distortion Field provides, I will just tease you with one more spoiler, but not just one which another favourite of mine, and instead one I mention because I think it will be the one of the many songs you listen to that make you go ‘ooooo!’. For me that came in the form of Drive Me to The Dusk. There is such vibrancy and energy to it. When fused together with all the other special elements such as the intricacy with the rhythm they explore sonically, and also the band’s skilful approach at a lyrical level too, this song encapsulates everything that make Casino Rockets the band that they are.

Having listened to all 10 tracks from start to finish, the most rewarding thing about the whole experience was that as a brand new Casino Rockets fan, this album was the perfect introduction to demonstrate how they do not just want to give us music funs any ol’ record for the sake of it, but instead want to take us on an adventure, and Reality Distortion Field is one of those journey’s that won’t disappoint.

Having put their gauntlet into the UK music scene in the form of this album, I feel that the band have certainly started off strong, and it just excites me to see where the evolution of this talented quartet from Halifax, West Yorkshire will take them to next. In the meantime though, let us all take every opportunity to embrace all the wonderful thoughts, feelings and emotions that Reality Distortion Field provides.

Reality Distortion Field is available to listen to on all major music platforms right now.

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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