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Capital Theatre: Delicately Poised

For anyone on the hunt for any new and emerging rock bands to listen to, then we may have just the suggestion for you, especially if you wanting something so US or European focused all of the time. Hailing from New Zealand, Capital Theatre are bringing their own slice of magic to the world of rock music.

Having announced news of their upcoming debut album, the band have wasted no time in ensuring that they tease us music fans, having already released three songs from the new record already. There most recent one, and the one that really caught my attention was the brilliant track ‘Delicately Poised’. From the very moment you press the play button, Capital Theatre successfully draw you in, and as someone such as myself whose first love of music began with rock music, then listening to Delicately Poised really brought a smile back to my face, and took me back to that 19 year old me and the similar bands at that time that I used to listen to or go see live. Yes Capital Theatre may be a band in the here and now, but through the likes of Delicately Poised, dare I say it, it feels like I am tuning into what could potentially be one of the biggest international rock bands to come.

The song itself both lyrically and the energy it brings make it even more engaging. It is not a case of ‘oh this is just another rock song’, no this is one, I find personally that I want to listen to and one where I would go out of my way to immerse myself in the depth of the lyrics so that I connect with the song even more. A bit of a search online, and as a pleasant surprise I loved also discovering that Delicately Poised also comes with its own music video, which for me just gives the song an extra dimension.

Would I go out of my way to get my hands on Capital Theatre’s new album? Absolutely! And if the rest of the album is as addictive as Delicately Poised, then I can certainly see myself press that repeat button each and every time at the top of my lungs to this band. Watch this space, big things to come for Capital Theatre, so don’t miss out, check them out today! You will thank me later!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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