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Cam Kahin - Try Again

Sometimes you just want to listen to something which you can mix energy with catchy lyrics and can just sing along to right? Well we have the perfect choice for you - Cam Kahin and his latest indie rock track Try Again.

The Canadian artist makes us feel like with have been given a much needed shot of adrenaline in our arm, as Try Again is such a punchy and infectious song which will have your on your feet chanting away at the top of your lungs.

Best of all, even if this is the very first time your listening to Try Again, you will find yourself picking up the lyrics in next to no time, which is an impressive strength by Cam Kahin as he breaks down those barriers so that music fans can easily connect. A quality which only a special few possess.

The song left such a lasting impression, that for an entire 45 mins, I kid you not, I just listened to the same track on repeat, because i wanted to live in the moment of being able to appreciate Try Again for the exhilarating track that it is. Seriously though I think part of Cam’s charm I feel, is that this is the type of song that you just want to listen to time and time again regardless whether its been a handful of replays, or your into triple figures.

Canada has given us a lifetime of great names in the world of music, and I have no doubt that Cam Kahin in next to no time will be another name we see rising through the ranks. I started this week, unaware of even who this artist was, but I fast forward to a sunny Sunday afternoon a few days later, very happy that I took a step into the addictive world of Cam Kahin!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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