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Callen - Fooling Myself

Released only a few days ago, I feel totally blessed to be introduced to US based singer-songwriter and his brand new single Fooling Myself.

Other than being immensely catchy, and absolute dream of a song, I also love how the honesty in regards to the lyrics itself help me as a listener to feel an automatic connection with Callen. The song touches on burnout and self-deprecation, and sometimes as humans we have a tendency to turn a blind eye to it, but if you open your mind to listen to Fooling Myself, there is a lot of truth to what Callen is saying.

In the most respectful of ways you might think that talking about stuff like this may not be your cup of tea, because you rather bury your head in the sand than let your guard down, Fooling Myself, whether you choose to admit it or not, is the wake up call you need.

Don’t get me wrong, Callen is not trying to catch any of us out or make us feel uncomfortable, quite the contrary, instead through this song he just understands how you feel. I got a little deep there I know and I am sure that each person will interpret Fooling Myself in their own way, but that is what I love about Callen because his music is the that bridge between our minds that gets us all thinking.

As an artist I feel, through the likes of Fooling Myself, Callen has a lot to offer, and I can only imagine with each song or body of work he produces he will continue to go from strength to strength. So don’t despair or feel like it’s you against the world, listen to Fooling Myself because Callen has your back!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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