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Caia is the new hotspot in West London you don’t want to miss

We went down to experience Caia: Notting Hill’s hottest new restaurant, right off Portobello Market.

The restaurant’s the work of a pair of locals (Tim Lang & Rishabh Vir) who between them have taken stints at places like Fiend, The Fat Duck & Kiln, their passion for music and interior design made them create the best hotspot in West London.

The soundtrack which accompanies your drinks and food is curated by Tim Lang himself. The menu is a mix of sophisticated yet pleasing to eat combinations you don’t really want to miss.

We started off our late lunch with two Aperol Spritz’s and some garlic focaccia with black pepper - now let me be clear, the menu works with large portions to share only for every single option you read, however, they’re not even big enough for one person, which is probably the only negative feedback of our lunch - we also selected some delicious whipped feta, black olive harissa and charred courgettes to go with our focaccia. The crispy bread mixed with the feta was phenomenal.

We don’t really want to spoil you with the rest of the menu but I definitely recommend sipping a strong negroni with Caia’s octopus with burnt pepper and nduja crumbs as well as the monkfish with sweet corn. Exquisite and definitely worth a mention.

We topped our lunch with smoked cheesecake with Kentish strawberries which was probably the best dessert I’ve ever tasted.

The basement where you’ll find a Kuzma R record player with some Auditorium R-25 A speakers Not only are they using this setup to play some first-rate vinyl (curated by Stranger Than Paradise Records founder Noreen McShane), but there are also plans for guest DJs, listening parties, and live acoustic sessions in future.

NOTE: Caia is open Tuesday – Saturday (till 1am Fri & Sat). You can find out more, and book, HERE.

Caia | 46 Golborne Road, London W10 5PR

Words by: Sal F.

Photos by: Gianmarco R.

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