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Bring Me The Horizon – Sheffield Utilita Arena - 24th September 2021

Credit: Jamie A. Waters

We are in the steel city that is Sheffield awaiting the return of the prodigal sons Bring Me The Horizon, a sold out arena show and thousands of fans expectantly waiting to see the local boys bring the fire back to this huge venue and reignite the flames of live music that we've all been waiting for.

It's a stellar line up for tonight’s show and kicking off proceedings straight off the back of winning the prestigious HMA award for best video, the Nova Twins deliver an enthusiastic and excited performance to what was unfortunately a half empty arena due to the queuing and checking in system that's been recently devised! Nevertheless and undeterred by this the HMA winners for best video, knock it out the park and give a great opening set to what will surely be a magnificent evening.

It's great to see You Me At Six back in the saddle again, and after seeing them recently play at Leeds festival, it was a good opportunity to see them perform in an arena setting with a nice bit of stage production as well. With a set that consisted of some real classics, including Bite My Tongue, Reckless and one of their biggest hits Underdog, It wasn't long before the appreciative crowd ripped into some circle pits and some serious moshing. These opening sets really setting the place alive and definitely signalling the return of live music, who for many in the crowd, was their first gig in nearly two years.

Having seen BMTH evolve over the years, I was looking forward to see what the enforced two year break has had, and also to revel in the opportunity to hear some of their latest releases being played live.

Needless to say we were not disappointed! Opening with ‘Teardrops’ and in to ‘Mantra’, the second song seeing frontman Oli Sykes screaming at the crowd ‘Do you remember who we are?’ with a thunderous roar, it was clear everyone knew who BMTH were and tonight, it was certain they would never forget!!

Credit: Jamie A. Waters

Tonight's performance clearly demonstrating that the break from touring had given the band a renewed vigour, but that break had not diminished their confidence and how at ease they all were in performing in such a huge arena.

Aligning stunning visuals and the impressive fluorescent cage that surrounded the band with zombies being ripped apart and clawing there way around the band via the screen, With the full on sonic assault of ‘Dear Diary’ combined, this clearly rammed home the message, Bring Me The Horizon are now ready to headline any major festival around the world!

Their ability to morph between full on metal core and Electro rock chart topping hits has seen the band reach knew audiences far and wide, a feat that few acts have been able to manage throughout their careers.

Tie that in with the declaration from Oli Sykes This is one of the first times he's played a gig sober in years and the result is phenomenal. The front man revealing to the audience “I didn't know it could be like this you guys, honestly, do not know how much you've saved me” This genuine heartfelt message received with rapturous applause and screams of joy from the crowd.

Credit: Jamie A. Waters

Clearly the energy generated by the band produced some of the biggest circle pits and wall of death the arena as seen in years, with the tip of the hat to the mighty Amon Amarth, the crowd sat down on the arena floor and proceeded to perform Viking rowing during the song ‘Wonderful Life’.

It was only to be expected that the Nova twins would join Bring me the horizon onstage for the song they collaborated on ’1X1’ followed by the latest song ‘DIE4u’.

With a wonderful piano based reimagining of ‘Follow You’ providing an emotional lull in the set, leading in to ‘Drown’ before the lights went out.

The encore seeing BMTH, ripping into ‘Obey’, ‘Throne’ and bringing the night to a close with ‘Can You Feel My Heart’

Emblazoned across the stage as the crowds dispersed, the clear message that ‘BMTH JUST ROCKED MY FUCKING WORLD’

Credit: Jamie A. Waters

An acknowledgement to their hometown and surrounding areas earlier in the set when Oli introduced each member of the band to the cheering crowds, and exclaiming Matt Kean as the International man of Mexbrough, showing again that they never seem to forget where they came from, with one thing for sure, after tonight’s performance, there’s only one place they’re heading and that’s to the top!

Article By Steve Harrison

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