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Boston Manor tear down "Electric Brixton" in London

Formed in Blackpool, England, Boston Manor are a five-member pop punk band. The band started gaining recognition for its unique D.I.Y approach to recording, touring and promoting. It also made a name for itself in the local and national gig circuit for its vocal harmonies and guitar work.

Two years after releasing tickets for their UK headline tour, named after their 2018 album Welcome to the Neighbourhood, Boston Manor, Blackpool’s new-rock heroes, dominated the stage in an explosive return to live music since the Covid-19 pandemic. With special guests Jools and Movements. Last night, Boston Manor took to a sweltering Electric Brixton in London for a raucous headline show.

Whilst they start off quieter than expected to begin with, it doesn’t take long for them to show off the noise they can make. ‘Bad Machine’ gets this group of gig goers to make the most noise of the night so far and the noise only increases from here. Henry Cox sure knows how to work a crowd, even when it comes to simply talking to them. Throughout the performance, Boston Manor made the most of their communication with the audience. Between the band’s more toned-down performance of ‘Plasticine Dreams,’ which lit up the venue with dazzling white, utopian lights, conveying the false promises of the music industry.

If there is one thing we know for sure, is that concert goers still know how to enjoy a good live set. And Boston Manor know how to not disappoint the crowd.

One of the most acclaimed bands in the UK and international music scenes, the Blackpool four-piece has had to reschedule the tour twice due to covid restrictions but "this is not a fucking lockdown" Cox announces on stage to encourage people to form a mosh pit.

It's a party at the end of the world. And we are glad to be part of it.

Photos: Federica Burelli

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