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Blue Amber - The Great British Sitcom

It may be a little bit different to what you are usually familiar with, but if you haven’t done so already I would recommend that you check out Blue Amber and their latest release The Great British Sitcom.

This is very much a song where music meets spoken word, as through the lyrics Blue Amber are helping to paint a narrative which you see yourself visualising. It is like you have a fly on the wall perspective as you listen to the dialogue created in the song, but also a dialogue which may not been too far from your own life too.

I think what Blue Amber have done with The Great British Sitcom is actually very clever, because they have produced something which is actually quite special. By almost being candid in their approach it makes the listener feel they are part of the story so to speak and in turn enabling us music fans to give the likes of Blue Amber our full attention.

Lyrics aside, Blue Amber are known for giving us rhythm, and The Great British Sitcom certainly has traces of those signature hallmarks engraved within.

I have heard friends speak about Blue Amber in the past, but I think after listening to The Great British Sitcom I will certainly be familiarising myself with their music even more.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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