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Blondes are 'Coming of Age' in the Video for Their Most Successful Track to Date

Nottingham indie band Blondes have dropped a music video for their most successful track to date, Coming of Age. The band describes their sound as ‘euphoric indie pop’ and when listening to this track it’s hard to argue.

Coming of age motors along at a pace and consistency that makes it hard not to bop your head along to. The song has an uplifting tone to it from the first note, starting with just one guitar carrying the opening moments before accompanying instruments are introduced one by one, with the sound getting bigger and more exciting with each new introduction

The tracks condenses the feeling of falling in love as a teenager brilliantly in just over 4 minutes. In the opening verse, vocalist Will sings of his initial trepidation over getting involved with someone, singing ‘I never thought that I would find you in my t-shirt, in my jacket’. The song transitions into a chorus of one line that encapsulates the hopefulness of young love, ‘Here something really could happen’. However, the song is dotted throughout with feelings of anxiety. The bridge particularly dives into this feeling as Will croons ‘I’m too tongue-tied, I lose my mind, it’s a losing fight’, clouding the romance with a sense of doom that’s inescapable.

While listening to the song, you get the feeling that it wouldn’t be out of place in the soundtrack of a 90s or 00s teen movie. In an interview with BBC news guitarist, Alex said the song has ‘a sort of nostalgic feel to it, which is what I hear immediately’ and the video plays on that idea. From the grainy cinema screen in the background, to the intermission before the bridge, to the cycling that evokes images of Stranger Things or the loser’s club from It.

It’s clear to see where the inspiration for the video and the track comes from. Not to mention the song was involved in one of the biggest TikTok trends of 2020, being played millions of time all around the world over videos of people spoofing scenes from 00s ‘coming of age films’.

Coming of age sits at 2.5 million Spotify streams at the time of writing and the video has 288k views after only being out for a week. It’s safe to say that when it comes to Blondes; Here something really could happen.

Article By Matthew Codd

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