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Billy Lockett - Freaking Out

Billy Lockett - a name which brought me the biggest smile the very moment I saw his name appear in my inbox. Having first had the pleasure a few years ago at a live show when he was opening up for Nina Nesbitt, admittedly it had been quite some time since I had been able to hear any more of his infectious music again. Fast forward to 13th September 2022, Billy released his brand new single Freaking Out.

Pressing that play button, I had a wave of emotions to through my mind (all good may I add) ranging from excitement, to joy and a smile of appreciation to know that Billy continues to go from strength to strength. Freaking Out as a song is so open and honest that it gives you goosebumps but also butterflies in your stomach at the same time too which is just how emotively wholesome and raw it is. The lines ‘I don’t think I am getting stronger, infact I am getting weaker by the day’, for example being one of the many precious gems that this track is infused with.

Billy has a brilliant way of articulating life lyrically from tracks I have heard in the past, and Freaking Out is only a further testimony of how he continues to thrive as a singer-songwriter. Here in the UK we have so many great musical minds and this wonderful guy from Northampton is just another one of those special breed of exemplary artists.

So let’s get back to Freaking Out and delve into the song even further. What I really find powerful and yet endearing about this song is how it is about just being real and honest about your feelings, whether that be in a relationship or deeply significant friendship. It could be a scenario where it feels like life is moving at lighting speed, or on the other hand where you question and wonder whether you and the person on your mind are really that close as you once were.

I think what makes it all the more special for me when I listen to Freaking Out is how uplifting and encouraging it is to hear it from another guy, in a way that almost feels like we are both on the same wavelength.

I would deeply recommend this track to anyone, regardless of whether they are familiar with Billy Lockett or not, because Freaking Out is the type of song that only a fool would keep to themselves, and should instead be shared to your heart's content, so what are you waiting for, start listening today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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