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Big Romance goes on a Weekender!

Big Romance Release: Weekender 

If you follow the music scene of the North East, you might recognise this indie-rock collective. 

Formerly known as Deep.Sleep, the now revamped Big Romance, is back with a fresh lick of paint and a rejuvenated sound. Celebrating their new trajectory, Big Romance gives their listeners a little taste of their upcoming EP, with the cynical single "Weekender". 

Being the trio's sophomore single, "Weekender" is written about a relationship struggling under the weight of tiresome circumstances, out of one's control. 

The song focuses on how sometimes, to really show a person the lengths of your devotion, you have to make certain compromises to keep the peace. The lyrics encapsulates the idea of having a constructed personality and not being true to yourself for the sake of another.  

"Weekender" introduces vivacious guitar-driven riffs, alongside foot-stomping drumming; setting the stage for the emergence of vocals. 

Big Romance (L-R, Louis, Dan, Greenup)

The track progresses with a riveting rhythm of head-banging guitar, adhering to the band's refurbished sound - a sound focused on diverging from 'perfection' regarding their melodic composition.

This embellishment of free-falling imperfection allows for an emotionally deeper tether between the lyrics and the instrumentation, giving the listener the feeling that they are actually experiencing a live performance!

Working with long term producer, Andy Anderson from Push Pull Productions, the song ornaments the raw harmonies of the vocals and instrumentation with a number of eclectic effects.

Incorporating flangers and vocal effects produces an atmosphere you'd find at a  live gig. Quintessentially, you just can't help but find yourself itching to tear up the dance floor! 

As part of the release of "Weekender", Big Romance will also grace their listeners with a full performance of the EP as they headline Bobiks! 

The band are due to play Bobiks and release "Weekender" on Friday 7th October! 

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