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Best of September playlist 2023

With the Summer coming to a close and the new season on the way, it's a great opportunity as any to discover some fresh exciting new music. Full of variety, our Best of September Playlist has something for everyone. Head over to the official DARKUS Deezer to hear more! Happy listening!

Detachment - Choke(d)

Berkan Cesur - Waking The Fallen

R.J. Archer & The Painful Memories - You Can't Do That Type of Thing No More

Cantervice - The Masquerade

A Week Full of Mondays - Feelings Fading

Jarrod Cooney - Starlight

Lu.Ci - I Cried

Karp - Zero Heartbeat

Lowly Light - Prayin'

Kayla Williams - Come Close

East Harbor - NXT2U

King Falcon - Rabbit Gets The Gun

Jarood Cooney - New York Lover

Leoblu - dirty windows

Turlough McHugh - Broken Heart

Besso - As I Am

Ben leh - living like i'm dead

Nygma -The Fat Nasty

Alexi Bongioanni - Close To You

Prettyboys - saint-laurent

Grace Gachot - The List

Kid Travis - SPOOKY SZN 3

Chaz Cardigan - Rashomon

Da Nang - eye for an eye

Shlim - Last Breath

Ryan Ritual - Not Dead

Azure Blue - Rise

The Sextones - Love Can't Be Borrowed

The Wanton Bishops - Don't You Touch The Radio

Copperhead Jones - Rodeo Reds

The Blues Emergency - A Love Revolution

Palm Trees and Whiskey - Neo Tengo Nada

Under The Puddle - 30 Dayz

Night Wilds - New Jerusalem

Rebekka Louise - SHUT UP

DONA LUZI - Fake Friends Anthem

4DAYWKND - Carpe Diem

Ginger Giant - Postscript

Feral Moon - False Temple

MØNA - fairy tale

Fazerdaze - Bigger

abnei6un6 - To Hell and Back


Terminals - Origin

Warren Teagarden and the Good Grief - LA On My Own

Solar Blooms - Indifference

McKinney James - One Of Them Boys

Westerly - Something More

Ben Zechinati - Soon Enough

Emily Monsen - Throw Away The Man

Besso - Circles

Molly Willis - Hypocentre

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