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Best of May Playlist 2023

Updated: 3 days ago

With the Summer months on the horizon, here is our official Best of May 2023 playlist, filled with a selection of the most diverse and exceptional emerging artists. So sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy to the max.

Head to the Official Darkus Spotify to hear the full playlist. Click here.


Every Flavour Weather Machine - Depression Disco

Fugitive Moods - These Walls

Robynn Shayne - Coming Home

Spike Ivory - Dry Your Eyes

The Tangerine Trees - Out of Sight

Amelie Patterson - The War

BEECH LOVE - Fire & Smoke

Kuiper Belt - Kuttin Edge

Waves_On_Waves X Sonic Shade of Blue - Keep Staring

Sun á Pete - Sympathize

Bjorn Rydhog X Azure Blue - Adore Her

Logan Garrett - Aliens Exist


James Maad - Lost But Not Found

Raelle - Falling

Kid Travis - Same Location

Lex Leosis - Too Close

Brotha Josh - Miss Me

Natalie Clark - ARMOR

Bad Mother Nature - A Thousand Days

Spirits of Saturn - Feelings Agency

Glorybots - Timeless

Steph Amoroso - Comin' Home

Megan Dixon Hood - Martyr

Jesse Merineau - Temporary Dopamine

Sounds Like Michael - I See You

Electric Pets - Elephants Can Swim

Major Moment - Toxic

Kind Beast - Highway Madness

Rodney Fisher X The Response - ICU

zapoida francis - lonely Boy

Lucifers Beard - Mr Invisible

DOV - Something Beautiful

Microcosmo - Sailor

Egelands - stay awake a little longer

Gooseberry - Swindle

Artfair - Colours

Claire Soukup - Clouds

Jupe Jupe - Secondhand Star

Patherwolfe - Renegade

Madam Bandit - Happiness

Rivato Nintu - Tears of Men

Yalmar - Dancefloor

Darkways - Fire

Speelburg - Game Over

Edgar Everyone - Who's The Dreamer

kitsches - garden of eden

Komparisson - He Doesn't Get It

Shane Britt - The Faint of Heart

ZO Marie - Afterlife

Ashcoustics - It's Your Turn

Caleb Hyles X Lacey Sturm X Judge & Jury - Darkness Before The Dawn

Benjamin Charles - On The Road

Barskee - Shot To Fly

Subway Rat - Rendezvous

Hostile Array - Scars

Conor Miley - Thousand Yard Stare

Ladi - Mama's Song

Thorin Loeks - Threads

Rachel Mintz - Past Go

Trevor Spitta X Tommy Richman - BAD BOYS

Cold Math - Aliens

Manuel Bojean - I Know

WuzGd - Time

Manny Cabo - Paint The Gray

Mr. Oliver - Cartoon Dreams

Briston Maroney - Body

Deer Tick - Once In A Lifetime

Jeremy Travis - Someone Else


Hannah Telle - Lavender Daydream

Loser Company - Sick Sad Alone

TV's Daniel - Face Down In The Ditch (of Love)

The Warning - MORE

Ludo - choking on butterflies

Elephants in Silent Rooms - Neon Mirage

Audio Drones - Getting Older

Gold Spectacles - Man or Machine

Cautionary Tales - No Funeral Blues

Allexa Nava - For Those Not Here

Acid Amora - On Replay

Jane's Party - Ships On An Ocean

Jane N' The Jungle - WASTELAND

DROELOE - Feeble Games

FORT - Cyhyraeth

The Psychedelic Birthday Party - Dream Ugly

Victoria Simmonds - Still a long way to go

Tony Natalizio - Honky Tonk Special

Subway Rat - Schoolyard Crush

B.Miles - Wide Eyed

Loeben - Wistful Pain

Aaron Palock - About You

Solid Blooms - Solid Soil

Elemer & Rocker C - Tonight

Guantanamo Bay Surf - Cold Nights

AUTORYTHMN - Substantia Nigra

Sick And Busy - Look Who's Talking now

Bastian Rose - Coming For You

Linus And The Moon - Oh Pretend

High Libido - Skyescrape

Cash Cash - Bleach (Move On)

Benzo0611 - i miss you

CORCEGA - Love Was a Pretty Thing

Jay Van Raalte - The Road Ahead

Kala x Judge & Jury - Different

Natalie Ter - American Dream

Bonnie Darko - Pete Davidson

3 Point Landing - The Leap

CS Hellmann - Up Till Dawn

Advika - Come Back To Earth

Don Cody - TITANIC

Spider Rockets - Monster Of Your Dreams

Darko Richards - Junkie

Aline Deanna - Over The Edge

Christina Kennedy - San Diego, CA

E.T Man - It's No Good

Lyys - TV

Isolde Molarin - My Taxi's Here

DEADSET - The Art of Pointscoring

Whitney King - One More Night

reubencmg - Party By Myself

Moon Blue - Woke Up Thinking Of You

Fold - The Painful Truth

Sharks and Minnows - Hints of A Stranger

Thomas Bernard Howard - Rose

Jonathan Young x RichaadEB x Lauren Babic x Judge & Jury - God of Greed.

Micah Emrich x beanboi x KEANA - 2 Summers Ago

Vinny Peculiar - Death of the counterculture

Connor Pearl - Club Crush

Chopper - Touch

Leif Shively Band - Chasing Stardust

The Pinkerton Raid - Wiggins Special (Freedom Ain't Free)

B O K E H - encore

Odds - Fall Guy

Mylo Bybyee - Fade Me Out

Phantoms In The Dusk - Holy Ghost

I want Poetry - Light

Callen - Worried

The Striders - The Devil Dressed In Green

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