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Ben DeHan - Woke Up

Having released his EP, New Nostalgia in 2021, US based singer-songwriter Ben DeHan returns with his brand new single ‘Woke Up’ which was released on 4th March 2022. Often described as a blend between Machine Gun Kelly meets Angels & Airwaves, this latest helping sees Ben continuing in a similar direction, as this song creates a special kind of energy whereby within seconds as a listener who feel an instant connection.

Woke Up contains such depth and poetic beauty, and certainly shows how Ben DeHan continues to blossom as one of the most engaging song-writers around. When I listen to the song, I cannot help but feel a sense of calm which makes you want to embrace the track even more. For many people, and I include myself in this, I can also see ‘Woke Up’ being a source of strength and hope, where Ben DeHan is creating a safe space within music to explore all those different feelings we experience in life, but in a way which is not overwhelming or scary.

I may still be a relatively new Ben DeHan fan, but songs such as Woke Up just encourage me even more to not just listen to him to my hearts content, but also recommend all of his great music to those I meet. For our readers in the US you will be happy to hear that Ben will be performing a string of live shows across the USA in April and May 2022. I look forward to the day when Ben DeHan visits the UK, so let’s hope it is not too long till we have to wait.

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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