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Bella Marcy - Versailles

Following the release of her last single Ivy Street back in December, after 6 months US singer-songwriter Bella Marcy returns with her brand new track Versailles. If you like your music filled with raw emotion, energy, poetic undertones and easy to resonate with then Versailles will certainly deliver on so many levels.

Having taken the opportunity to listen to the track myself, I found myself warming to Versailles and Bella in an instant. This song feels very much like we are sitting right in the middle as Bella shares about her thoughts and feelings which she holds a very special place to her heart, with love at the centre.

Listening to it I too feel emotional myself because while Versaille be a location in France, when it comes to love or matters of the heart as a whole, we have our own versions of Versailles and our own special places which are part of our most precious memories. So as a song, it makes Bella’s music even more relatable, and one which you feel like both Bella and yourself are in synergy with one another as you embrace the special connection to experience from listening to her music.

I hold my hands up and admit that prior to Versailles, the name Bella Marcy was brand new to me, but I am thankful that moving forward it won’t be a name I will ever forget as I look forward to investing my heart, time and attention to experiencing even more of her sensational music. My 2022 has just got a little bit brighter, all thanks to the one and only Bella Marcy.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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