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Becca Rogers - 123 (featuring Joe Bills)

Ah the sweet taste of love. That moment when your at a party or even out at a club with all your buddies and from the corner of your eye you see that special someone who takes your breath away and before you know it nothing else matters as in that moment the only person in that room that is important is her. Hands up if you can relate?

Both as an teenager and then as an adult that is something I have first hand experienced, so when I heard 123 the latest single by Washington D.C based electro-pop producer and songwriter Becca Rogers, all those memories came flooding back and took me to a place of some people fun moments in my life, and the people I met along the way. The point I am getting to is how lyrically this is a song which easily resonates with a lot of people and is quite light hearted. Did the guy get the lady who took his breath away? The answer to that is irrelevant, but the emphasis for me is not if there was or was not a happy ending, but instead a song which harnesses and lives in the moment of love and first sight and the thoughts, feelings and emotions of what that feels like.

Those small but important details from noticing what the other person was wearing, to the way that they moved, or even the unspoken things such as the butterflies in your stomach or your heart beating that extra bit faster, which although are not mentioned in the lyrics you still know is happening.

I have always had a true appreciation for female producers, and although 123 is my first introduction to Becca Rogers, I already love the energy and the vibe she gives us through this track. The addition of Joe Bills as the main vocalist on this track work well too and when you both Becca and Joe together they make a formidable pair who compliment each other's strengths and work in perfect harmony with one another.

It is funny because I remember when I pressed play for the first time I remember as soon as I heard Joe begin to sing I was like ‘hold up that don’t sound no Becca’ but then it gets to the chorus and you see the touches of her voice and that mind blown emoji moment when you realise she was there all along and say to yourself ‘ah there she is!’. I think it is the combination of all of Becca’s and Joe’s strengths that make 123 all the more captivating and beautiful, and is the type of song which I will never get tired of because having listened to it countless times already in a short space of time i get those same joy and love for this single each and every time.

This single may have only come out 15th April 2022, but I can confidently say it is a winner and I am just excited to see 123 continue to flourish in the weeks that follow. So the moral of the story, the way to handle love at first sight? Ah you are going to have to listen to the song yourself to work that out, but all I will tell you will discover two new special baes in your life by the name of Becca Rogers and Joe Bills. Enjoy every bit off what 123 has to offer and embrace it on every single level. Happy listening!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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